District 6400

The chartering of the Windsor Club in 1918 launched  Rotary in this southwest corner of Ontario, famous for its waterways, beautiful countryside and its world class Bird Sanctuary.  In fact, you can get no further south in Canada than Pelee Island in the Essex County area of District 6400. With a membership of over 2,000, the District is an international district with nine clubs in Ontario and 42 clubs in northern Michigan. The Canadian clubs are in Zone 22 and the Michigan clubs are in Zone 28.


Club Service


Club service and camaraderie is generated in the nine clubs in Zone 22 – Windsor, Amherstburg, Essex, Leamington, Harrow, Cottam, Windsor-St. Clair, Windsor-Roseland, Belle River and a new club is pending.

            A notable feature over the last thirty-four years at the District Conference is the Dick Hedke Award for the club judged to have the best balance in the promotion of the four avenues of service.


Vocational service


Club meetings provide the opportunity to exchange ideas for improving service and efficiency in all occupations and maintaining high ethical standards.  The strong participation of the Zone 22 Clubs in the Group Exchange program has proven to be beneficial all around.


Community Service


The third avenue of service, has the widespread attention of the Clubs in this corner of the Zone 22 Rotary World.  For instance, the Harrow Club raised funds for the expansion of their arena and for a new town library.  The Leamington Club worked to expand the town arena complex.  The Cottam Club updated the local park.  The Amherstburg Club operates the historical Park House.  The Windsor Club is a founding partner and a major supporter of the Essex County Children’s Rehabilitation Center, and a major supporter of the Windsor Rotary Children’s Safety Village and other similar projects. Indeed, the Windsor Club has a long history of support for crippled children have  instigated the formation in 1922 of the Ontario Society for Crippled Children. The Windsor-St. Clair Club received recognition including the Frank Devlyn Exemplary Public Relations Award for its projects.  The Belle River Club is engaged in a project to build a pedestrian railroad overpass for the local hiking trail.  The Windsor-Roseland Club with its low average age participates enthusiastically in many community projects.


International Service


From huge programs like Polio Plus to important through small international community service projects and through exchange visits these Zone 22 – District 6400 Clubs find a wide variety of ways to participate and contribute.  Some Rotarians have participated as R. I. Volunteers in the various phases of these programs.  The District Governor’s Golf Outing held every spring in Kingsville raises funds for international programs.


Youth exchange initiated in the 1980’s is a popular District program.  Opportunities are provided for personal and vocational growth of students in both directions.  This District finds additional benefits in the host home experiences and in spurring the growth of Rotoract and Interact Clubs.


            Group exchange has a good track record with the Zone 22 Club in District 6400 who have been willing to do more than their share – and the activity is producing new Rotarians.



The District began as District #9 in 1915, with the Detroit Rotary Club and the entire Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Three years later, in 1918, the District became international with Southern Ontario, Canada and the Windsor Rotary club (later Windsor 1918 Rotary Club).


It was not until 1957, after five further changes in District boundaries and numbers that District 640 was created.
Starting July 1, 1991, District 640 officially became District 6400 to help accommodate Rotary International’s growing number of Districts worldwide.

District 6400 has had a long rich history of being an International District with clubs in Canada and United States of America.

District 6400 has seen the development of an uncountable number of community projects that have improved the quality of living of people both locally and worldwide.


In every community of our District there is evidence that Rotarians have been at work, contributing time, energy, expertise and financial support to meet community and individual needs.

The youth of our District have been a very important part of the District 6400 since 1915, with Rotary Youth Exchange Students and the formation of many Interact and Rotaract Clubs. Since 1978, our District has had an annual Rotary Youth Leadership Awards event.

With the introduction of the Governor’s Golf Outing and with the support of Rotarians and member clubs, the District has been increasingly active in the support of World Community Service Projects.

Our District is very proud of all the District 6400 Rotary Volunteers who have participated in Rotary International Programs in foreign countries.  They gave their time and talents to help others in need. Many Rotarians have participated in critically needed National Immunization Days in Asia and Africa. District 6400 Rotarians have served in India, Guatemala, Venezuela, Ghana and Honduras among other countries.

In addition, District 6400 has supported the Health, Hunger and Humanities Program, sponsoring many Special Grants to third world countries for water wells, agriculture programs, medical equipment and much more. Our District has sponsored fund raising performances by the Chinadega Chorus of Nicaragua. Our Rotary Clubs are actively involved in District Simplified Grants for local and world community projects.

The financial support of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International by District 6400 Rotarians has exceeded on astounding $ 7.6 million dollars.


Our Rotarians have exceeded contributions to the Annual Programs Fund of over $100 per member for the past ten years! There are over 3,700 Paul Harris Fellows in District 6400.


This has permitted District 6400 to grant more than 150 Ambassadorial Scholarships and 2 World Peace Scholarships, and participate in the hosting of 25 Group Study Exchanges with other countries, including Netherlands, Australia, Brasil, Spain, South Africa, India, Finland, Russia, Japan, Chile, Taiwan, Greece and New Zealand. Plus 97 Matching Grants to many places in our world.

Recent District 6400 accomplishments include: Trenton Rotarian PRID Michael McCullough who served on the Rotary International Board of Directors with great distinction in 2003 to 2005, LaSalle Centennial Rotary Club chartered, Plymouth Rotarian Tom Kennedy applying for a Hunger, Health and Humanity Grant to The Rotary Foundation.


Some recent major club local projects include Livonia Rotary’s “Rotary Cares”, Amherstburg Rotary’s “Building a Home of Hope’, Trenton Rotary’s “Get R’ Done” Some Internatioal projects and major fund raisers include the “Children of the Dump’ in Chinedega, Nicaragua, "R.E.L.A.Y." in Ghana and the "Honduras Project".

District 6400 continues to have the strong support of all the Past District Governors!

District 6400 is now honoured to have its first woman District Governor,


Jennifer Jones


in 2007 - 2008!

These are but a few highlights, yet they indicate a strong commitment on the part of every Rotarian in Super District 6400 to serve and work toward the betterment of people everywhere.

Our Super District 6400 and its 51 Rotary Clubs will continue to sponsor countless projects in all our communities during the third year of the second Century of Rotary Service!

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