2017 By Laws - Restated and Amended May 3 2017

Restated and Amended May 3, 2017 Bylaws of Rotary Global History Fellowship (RGHF) Mission Statement: "This Fellowship is an association of Rotarians and friends dedicated to accumulating and preserving the history, values and philosophy of the Rotary movement, and encouraging others to do the same by publishing these histories, values and philosophies on the internet." Article 1. - Title & Status: 1.1 The entity shall be known as “Rotary Global History Fellowship.” (“RGHF”) 1.2 RGHF is registered and domiciled as a Not-for-profit corporation in the State of Illinois, USA. RGHF may maintain additional offices or registrations elsewhere as the Board may determine. 1.3 Recognition of RGHF as a Fellowship by Rotary International in no way implies legal, financial or other obligations or responsibilities on the part of Rotary International, or any Rotary District or Club. RGHF is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International. Article 2 . - Membership: Policy: While most of the resources of RGHF are open to all, there are certain privileges and duties only available to dues-paying members in good standing . 2.1 Classes of Members: (a) Members of RGHF, described below (“Member” or “Members”) Membership of RGHF shall be open to and conferred on those who annually pay their membership dues and who possess the following characteristics: 1. Membership in a Rotary Club in good standing, or those designated by Rotary International, including family members of Rotarians, Rotary International program participants and their alumni. 2. Only Members of RGHF in good standing have voting rights. 3. Only Members of a Rotary Club in good standing may serve in a Board of Directors (“Board”), Officer or Zone Administrator position. (b) Honorary Membership of RGHF Honorary Membership is a special recognition conferred by the Board to an individual who has given outstanding service or extraordinary contributions to the aims and objectives of the Fellowship. 1. Honorary Membership is made for one year and may be renewed by the Board. 2. Honorary members may not vote or hold office. 3. Honorary members are exempt from dues payments 2.2 Admission to Membership: Application for membership shall be made electronically on the approved form and will be confirmed by the Secretary or an officer appointed by the Board after verification of eligibility and payment of dues.