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Histories of Clubs of RI Presidents

Rotary Club of Greenwich, Connecticut

Rotary International District 7980



Home of RI President

Charles W. Pettengill, 1964-1965 Convention History


President's home page

In December of 1920, a small group of Greenwich business and professional men, feeling that it was time to have a men's luncheon club where views on business and community affairs could be discussed, decided that the Rotary concept of "Service Above Self" seemed to meet their ideals.

The Rotary Club of Greenwich was then chartered in April 21, 1921. Since that time, Greenwich Rotarians have been volunteering their time and resources to help others in the Greenwich community and throughout the world. The Greenwich Club has been a leader at the local and international level, sponsoring the chartering of many neighboring Rotary Clubs, and serving as the home club of Charlie Pettengill, Sr. 1964-1965 President of Rotary International, and 1995-96 District Governor Jim Cooper.

Today's Club is comprised of a vibrant group of men and women leaders in the Greenwich Community. The membership actively supports a variety of Vocational, Community and International Projects remaining committed to Rotary's tradition of "Service Above Self."

Greenwich, CT Rotary Club Information
Club # - 6729
District # - 7980

Past Presidents of the Rotary Club of Greenwich, CT

1921-22George E. Carmichael
1922-23George E. Carmichael
1923-24Fred G.C. Smith
1924-25Percy L. Wright
1925-26Henry G. Carson
1926-27Thomas N. Cooke
1927-28Leonard Clark
1928-29Warren W. Higgons
1929-30Walton W. Marshall
1930-31Wilbur M. Peck
1931-32J.B. King
1932-33Harry L. Nado
1933-34Wm. J. Wilson
1934-35Hugh R. Jack
1935-36Harold L. Knapp
1936-37Charles W. Pettengill
1937-38Gardner L. Bristol
1938-39Charles P. Mason
1939-40Robert A. Lee
1940-41James S. Stevens
1941-42Willard R. Devaul
1942-43Minot C. Morgan
1943-44Andrew Bella
1944-45Carl J. Wold
1945-46Dr Earle E. Schofield
1946-47Dr Douglas A. Milward
1947-48Dr H. Otis Howgate
1948-49Frank R. Parker
1949-50Ernest J. Converse
1950-51Dr Robert A. Comeau
1951-52Harry Roos
1952-53Howard J. Duge
1953-54Floyd E. Barbour
1954-55Malcom Merritt
1955-56C. Wesley Wilson
1956-57Ray H. Harrington
1957-58Robert E. Eickmeyer
1958-59Carl J. Jensen
1959-60Alfred E. Everett
1960-61Alvan LeRoy Henry
1961-62Eddy Bennett Jenner

1962-63Frederick John Jaccarino
1963-64C. William Cleworth

1964-65Donald Valden
1965-66Wellington Kennedy
1966-67Lloyd Heberling
1967-68Elwood Wiendieck
1968-69William C. Cleworth
1969-70Elliott C. Schofield
1970-71Todd Kennedy
1971-72Dr Charles W. Jensen, Jr.
1972-73Charles W. Pettengill, Jr.
1973-74Allan S. Devaul
1974-75Cornelius F. McCarty
1975-76Gordon S. Burroughs
1976-77Dr. Dennie L. Simons
1977-78Edward F. Ahneman, Jr.
1978-79Rolf K. Hasner
1979-80Joseph L. Williams, Jr.
1980-81James R. Starcher
1981-82Lawrence E. Larson
1982-83Dr. Roger B. Bowden
1983-84Arthur C. Norman
1984-85Thomas H. Menten
1985-86Charles E. Mosher
1986-87Earl Sidney Willis
1987-88Dean Capparelle, Sr.
1988-89James H. Dean
1989-90James K. Cooper
1990-91Warren K. Greene
1991-92Hubert J. Schlafly
1992-93John A. Fahey

1993-94Emmett H. Eaton
1994-95Florynce R. Bronstein
1995-96Maureen E. O'Shea
1996-97John F. McKee
1997-98William A. Phillips
1998-99Joseph H. Benoit, Jr.
1999-00Annette J. Markley
2000-01James H. Dean
2001-02Marie Stacy
2002-03Jeff Bell
2003-04Charles Hilton III
2004-05James Perry
2005-06J. Vincent Glenn

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