The District 9910 history

The District 9910 history
 2007/ Board, Secretary 07/13, New Zealand History
Norman R. Winterbottom "1905 Society" 2010
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RGHF of New Zealand Districts: District 9910
By 1981 District 992 had grown to 68 Clubs. These clubs covered a huge area of the Pacific Ocean from Western Samoa in the north to the northern part of New Zealand’s North Island in the south, Norfolk Island and the French colonial territory of New Caledonia.. The size of the District precluded District Governors adequately assisting clubs to fulfill their Rotary objectives and do justice to the numerous District Committees. It became obvious that a new District had to be created and among the strongest advocates was 1981-62 District Governor Hugh Francis of the Mount Roaskill club. An investigating committee chaired by PDG Dr W. Grattan O’Connell was formed.

An arbitrary line was drawn across the Auckland isthmus from Onehunga on the West Coast to North Head of the Waitemata Harbour on the East Coast. Clubs situated to the north of that line became part of the new District 991, those to the south, including the Auckland Club remained in District 992. Of the Pacific Islands, Port Vila and Santo in Vanuatu, Noumea and Ducos Boulari in New Caledonia, and Norfolk Island were incorporated into the new District while those in Western Samoa, Tonga, Rarotonga, Fiji remained with D992. The division was not met with universal approval by many of the re-districted clubs. Despite efforts by succeeding District Governors to include it in District 9910 the French Polynesia club of Papeete remained un-districted until 2004-2005, when it was included,

There was no District Nominating Committee to select a District Governor and PDGs Mel Cooper (1980-81) and Peter Taylor (1977-78) of the O’Connell committee approached PP Ron Trotman of the New Lynn club to accept the position of Charter District Governor. Faced with the rather daunting task of setting up a new District from scratch, Ron determined that his project for the year was to build an entity on solid foundations and to embrace as fully as possible all 35 metropolitan and rural clubs. The new District 991 came into being on 1 July 1983 with 14 District Committees. There was a close liaison on the International Service Committee with its District 992 counterpart. Two committees, Student Exchange and Rotaract/Interact were not established until the following year.

Two District Awards, the Onehunga Cup, presented by the Onehunga club for best attendance at District Conference and the Jack Keys Cup presented by the Warkworth Club for the best Club Bulletin were apportioned to the new District and over the years many awards for outstanding club performances have been given by Past District Governors.

The highlight of that first year was the District Conference held at Forum North in the northern city of Whangarei, the organising clubs being New Lynn (Auckland) and Whangarei, Whangarei North and Whangarei South. The RI President’s Representative was Cliff Dochterman. The city had some reservations as to its ability to stage an event of such magnitude, as it was the largest function of its kind to be hosted by the city, but which spared no effort to ensure its success. .Shops and streets were decorated and Radio Broadcasts advertised the event. it was an unqualified success attended by 728 registrants, setting a pattern for the future.

John Swinburne of the Warkworth club succeeded Ron Trotman and continued his policy of embracing all clubs. His District Assembly was held in the northern town of Dargaville and the District Conference at the country’s northernmost town of Kaitaia which was virtually taken over by Rotarians with the enthusiastic support of the townspeople who went to great lengths to make it a very happy event. The policy of embracement continues. Though disadvantaged by distance and separation from mainland New Zealand, the “island clubs” contribute greatly to the Rotary ideals and to District 9910. Vanuatu’s two clubs, Port Vila and Santo, mainly comprising expatriates on temporary secondment by their companies are vital parts of their communities, as is the tiny Norfolk Island club and the three clubs in French New Caledonia; Noumea, Ducos Boulari and Noumea Ouen Toro. Over recent years there has been a decline in Rotaract with all clubs going into recess, but following the RYLA seminar in 2005, one new club has been established on Auckland’s North Shore.

The 44 clubs of District 9910 continue to support and innovate programmes of Service. In 1985 the District established RDU Rotary Supplies New Zealand as the official supplier nationally of Rotary and Probus supplies. In 1986 it established an association with the Australian National Youth Science Forum enabling one student from each of the six New Zealand Districts to attend annually at the Forum held at the Australian National University in Canberra. In 1990 it established the Rotary International New Zealand Science & Technology Forum in which approximately 20 senior secondary school Science students from each District and six Australian students attend a two week long hands-on experience of advanced Science at the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University (Albany Campus) and Unitech Institute of Technology while living in a university hall of residence. In 1990, also, a programme to combat Malaria and Dengue Fever was instituted in the island state of Vanuatu in combination with the Vanuatu clubs. A maternity annexe at Santo Hospital and a Tuberculosis Ward at the Port Vila Hospital have been constructed also in Vanuatu together with the provision of storage tanks for potable water. In conjunction with the Rotary Club of Mid Rand in Africa a WCS programme is in place. Currently this involves, agriculture, sewing, bead making and brickmaking. A storage facility is maintained to receive Donations in Kind and similar goods pending their dispatch overseas. A wide range of youth, child literacy, child health, and drug education programmes are actively supported as are those of The Rotary Foundation, Vocational, Community, International Service and Youth.

Auckland city is the home of many Asian immigrants and in 2005 the District chartered the Rotary Club of North Shore with 24 charter members of both genders. Unique to New Zealand, the meetings are transacted in the Korean language, and the club is fully involved in all District projects.

On 30 November, 1998, the District suffered a grievous blow with the death of DG Cedric Kelly, a popular and highly respected Rotarian, and son of PDG Ashton Kelly (1964-65). Driving the 170 km from his home in Whangarei to an Official Visit to the North Shore City Club in Auckland, Cedric suffered a fatal heart attack. His duties were assumed by PDG Geoff Dainty (1997-98) for the remainder of that year. The District suffered a further blow early in 2005 with the untimely death of DGE Neil Boyd-Bell, a dedicated and loved Rotarian and member of the Henderson club.. PP Graeme Bellingham, also of Henderson accepted the invitation of the District Nominating Committee and filled the office with distinction. A legacy from Neil Boyd-Bell’s planning for his year in office is the establishment in July 2006 of the District Secretariat under District Administration Manager and District Secretary Ken Fearnley of the Henderson club.

District 9910 Governors

1983-84 Ron Trotman (Sylvia) New Lynn
1984-85 John Swinburne (Alison) Warkworth
1985-86 Alan Haskell (Norma) Onehunga
1986-87 Ken Winter (Bente) Mt Roskill
1987-88 Don McAllister (Deirdre) Kerikeri
1988-89 David Graham (June) Birkenhead
1989-90 Ken Baird (Barbara) Warkworth
1990-91 Leo Dixon (Jill) Onehunga
1991-92 Stuart Batty (Leslie) North Harbour
1992-93 Roger Manuel (Bea) Whangaparaoa
1993-94 Jim Currie (Jean) Whangarei
1994-95 Tony Hornabrook (Maire) Noumea Ducos Boulari
1995-96 Bob Baird (Judy) East Coast Bays
1996-97 David Oliver (Beverley) Birkenhead
1997-98 Geoff Dainty (Jenny) New Lynn
1998-99 Cedric Kelly (Jan) Whangarei Sunrise
1999-2000 Michael Hill (Laraine) West Harbour
2000-01 David Geary (Larraine) Northcote
2001-02 Sandra McKersey (Eddie) Whangarei South
2002-03 Bill Conaghan (Elaine) Kerikeri
2003-04 Charles Wilson (Pauline) Milford
2004-05 Ken Linkhorn (Margaret) Takapuna
2005-06* Neil Boyd-Bell (Maureen) Henderson
2005-06* Graeme Bellingham (Marilyn) Henderson
2006-07 Merv Huxford (Bronwyn Ellison) Orewa
2007-08 Keith Rogers (Beverley) Birkenhead
2008-09 Neil Reid (Trish) One Tree Hill
2009-10 Georges Giovanelli (Nicole) Noumea
2010-11 Maxine Neighbour (Murray) Whangarei South

District Administrators

2006-on Ken Fearnley (Jo) Henderson

*DGE Neil Boyd-Bell died shortly before taking office and Graeme Bellingham was selected to take his place.

Prepared by RGHF New Zealand Historian Norm Winterbottom

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