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Rotary Club of Bangalore, India


Rotary International District 3190

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The Rotary Club of Bangalore came into existence on 5th June 1934 and is the 7th Rotary club in Pre-Independence India.

In a meeting held at the erstwhile Central Hotel, Bangalore (behind the present "House of Friendship") on 16th May 1934, it was decided that a Rotary Club be formed in Bangalore. Thanks to the persuasive efforts of Rtn. Douglas C. Howland and the response he elicited, the provisional Rotary Club of Bangalore was constituted with 25 Charter members. The Sponsor Club was Rotary Club of Madras in Chennai.

Rtn.L.J. McIver, I.C.S., Collector C&M Station, was the Charter President. A splendid function marked the formal inauguration and was well attended by a large gathering of eminent personalities. The Chief guest was Lt.Col. CTC Plowden, a British resident in Mysore. As envoys of goodwill and fellowship, five Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Madras were also present for this inauguration.

In a touching gesture, Rtn. Maj. Money, Past President of Rotary Club of Madras, presented a beautiful Presidential Hammer made of Ivory and Gold to the Club which is preserved even today. He emphasized that the Hammer was not a present merely, but the forging of a link in the bond of fellowship so essential in all Rotary endeavours.

The Charter by Rotary International was presented to the Rotary Club of Bangalore on October 27th, 1934. It was Rtn. H. W. Bryant of the Rotary Club of Bombay and Honorary Commissioner for Afghanistan, Burma, Ceylon and India, who represented Rotary International and handed over the Charter. This historic meeting was held at the West End Hotel in a hall resplendent with Rotary motifs, the walls draped with International Fags and the Rotary Wheel.

For several years thereafter, the Rotary Club of Bangalore held its weekly meetings at the Bangalore Club and later shifted its meeting venue to the Central Hotel. The Foundation stone for the current Club premises was laid by the Past District Governor Rtn.Dr. M.N.Mahadevan on 2nd June 1963.

From a membership of 25 in 1934, the Rotary Club of Bangalore has come a long way with many accomplishments to its credit during the past 7 decades, growing to its current strength of almost 270 members, implementing numerous projects serving the community at large, and is well poised to celebrate its Platinum Jubilee in 2009.

The Rotary House of Friendship<
The Rotary Club of Bangalore Charitable trust purchased as site for the club in a most prestigious place, and by coincidence, in the same compound where Rotary in Bangalore was born. This was possible through the good offices of Rtn. Gopalan Nair. The site was purchased on 28th Jan 1961 and Rtn, PDG Dr. M. N. Mahadevan, laid the foundation stone on June 2, 1963. Sri. V.V. Giri the Vice President of India inaugurated the House of Friendship on July 7, 1967. The Rotary Club of Bangalore became the first club in India to establish Rotary House of Friendship.

Nagadevanahalli School Project
The Rotary Club of Bangalore charitable trust brought 71 Guntas of land on survey No.3/2 and 3/3 for a price Rs. 500/- on 14.4.61 and put up a school for benefit of community around Nagadevanahalli. A craft centre and a clinic are functioning effectively.
During 1996-98 additional building measuring 2500 sq.ft. was built at an estimate cost of Rs. 12 lakhs.  The school is run by Seva Bharati Voluntary Organisation.

Books Bank Scheme
The Book Bank Scheme was jointly sponsored by Rotary club of Bangalore and Ramanarayan Chellaram & Sons Charitable Trust in 1955. This was taken up as a Silver Jubilee project of the club in 1959. More than Rs. 1,00,000/- was donated by Ramnarayan Chelaram & Sons Trust & generous amount were obtained from State Government, Govt. of India and other Donors.

Shankara Rotary Library
The Rotary Club of Bangalore along with Sri. Sringeri Sharada Math has setup a library incorporating largest information technologies for children studying upto pre-degree courses.
The Shankara Rotary Library aims to simulate and awaken the curiosity in young minds to seek knowledge beyond text books and prescribed curriculum. There are very few modern children's libraries in Bangalore and the Shankara Rotary Library is designed to act as a referral centre to complement the school libraries.

Rotary- TTK Blood Bank
This project was conceived by a few Rotarians of our club and by the constant and timeless persuasion of PDG P.T. Kasturi became a reality and today the Rotary- TTK blood Bank is serving thousands of people in our community who are direly in need of Blood and its components. A voluntary blood bank started by TTK Group and managed by young ladies from the office of TTK group joined hands with the Rotary Club of Bangalore under the leadership of Rtn. PDG. P.T. Kastury establishing a Rotary TTK Blood Bank.

Mobile Micro Surgical Eye Unit
Under a matching grant project, with the participation of district 3310, a mobile micros surgical eye unit was established in 1995. A unique project was devised to provide high tech ophthalmic sciences, to people living in small towns and villages at their doorsteps. The Maratha Medical and Educational Charitable Trust looks after the day to day working of this unit.
RTN Dr. Ramnarayan Rao plans to add a portable diode laser photo-coagulator at a cost of Rs.13 lakhs under the matching grant scheme. This is going to be a dream project of 98-99.

Rotary Muthappa Attavar Hospital
In 1994 a hospital project to provide medical facilities was established at Channasandra Village at the outskirts of Bangalore. Built at a cost of Rs.15 lakhs. Muthappa Attavar Trust has provided Rs.25 lakhs and runs the hospital. The Bangalore hospital supervises the services provided.
A matching grant project has been initiated to provide maternity centre. This hospital caters to 12,000 people belonging to 7 villages.

Burns Ward

The idea of setting up of a Burn Ward to help burns patient was initiated in 1982, who Rtn. R.K. Baliga was the President. The untiring efforts of Dr. Prithvi Raval and Rtn. M.K. Dattaraj resulted in a massre fond Raising Project in 1984 and in 1985 the Burns Ward was inaugurated by R. I. President Dr, Carlos Careseeo at the Chinmaya Mission Hospital. It is a fully equipped ward with special bath treatment facilities, in-built oxygen services, etc. keeping in mind that cleanliness and striate conditions were of utmost importance to burns patients.

Mobile Dental Van
In 1990 Dr. Prithvi Raval and four others created the Bangalore Dental Service trust with the objective of educating and treating rural and urban school children on Dental diseases. Under the matching grant programme of Rotary foundation. A Mobile Dental Van fully equipped with state of the Art Dental equipment and audiovisual materials, a first of its kind project in South India. The amount collected was US$30,000 and van was formally presented to Bangalore Service trust in July 1993. The Bangalore Dental Service Trust conducts Dental treatment camps in and around Bangalore covering school children. Dental Health educational lectures are given to the school children and teachers. Dental Charts and booklets are distributed at the campsite.

Rotary Dental Clinic in the Himalayas
In a unique and a successful WCS project, the Rotary Club of Bangalore was instrumental in bringing dental care to thousands of people in and around hill station of Manali, Kulu District in Himachal Pradesh. There was no dental facilities for about 50 km around Manali. The dental clinic was inaugurated in April, 1996. Dentists predominantly from Bangalore have been visiting on a 4 weeks basis and rendering excellent care. Further, 2 dentail chair side assistants have been trained to help the visitng dentists, mix cements, sterilize, etc.

Emergency Oxygen Service
In view of the importance of emergency needs of oxygen a Life saving project was taken by the club and was inaugurated on April 4, 1966 by Sir. V.V. Giri, the Governor of Karnataka.

Rotary Ambedkar Primary School
A primary school was built at a cost of Rs. 2.5 lakhs in KG Byderhally in 1987. Three more rooms added in 1994 at an additional cost of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. The building has been handed over and is functioning very well in KG Byderahally..

For 64 years now, our club has changed evolved and grown. From the first meeting on May 24, 1934 with 25 charter members, the club has now over 200 members include of 12 lady members. The achievements are many. We have made Rotary visible in Bangalore through excellent community service projects, Vocational excellence and International Service project. The story of the club and its history should act as a springboard for thinking about the future and advancing the goals and programs of our club to make our community a better place to live.

Rotary is happy and justifiably proud at having aided establishment of a world class Stroke Rehabilitation Centre (SRC) in Bangalore, the first of its kind in Karnataka.  Rotary Club of Bangalore has been instrumental in this, a Matching Grant project.
SRC is housed in St. Martha's Hospital, a large multi-speciality hospital with 550 beds and various departments.  Total beds available for SRC are 18.  Patients are free to choose the accommodation they can afford to pay.

Acute stroke or cerebro-vascular accident (CVA) affects millions of people in India and is today the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.  Patients who have suffered CVA can seek admissions into SRC if they satisfy certain criteria including
1. The patient should be conscious and alert;
2. The patient must be medically stable;
3. The patient must be able to understand simple commands, co-operate and follow directions.
Minimum recommended period of stay as an in-patient is two weeks.  Family instruction and training by the rehab team to care for the stroke patient in her/his home environment, after discharge from the hospital, is an integral part of this programme.

acknowledgements to the RC Bangalore, it's Members and Webmaster
posted by RGHF Webmaster, Greg Barlow. April, 2009


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