Calum Thomson

Calum Thomson
Featured writer of RGHF
VP of History, Calum Thomson, CPF, PHF, Major Donor, Benefactor. Transport Management, RC of Longniddry & District, RI D1020 Zone 17.

District 1020 District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair 2007-10, District Grants Sub-committee Chair 2004-07, Member, RIBI Foundation Committee 2009-10, Zone 17 Co-ordinator RI Health and Hunger Resource Group 2009-10, Researcher/writer and History Fellow for Rotary Global History since the winter of 2001 Cal is also the coordinator for the conventions and convention host clubs sections. He is also contributing editor for "Our Foundation Newsletter" and a former contributing Editor of What Paul Harris Said 2006-08. Since 2011, Vice President of History for RGHF, and an essay writer since 2011.

He was awarded the "Ches Perry" Fellowship by the Rotary Club of Chicago.

Appointed to the board in January of 2004.

Elected to the 2004 Board and served as vice-chairman to the 2005-06 Board.

Calum served as Chairman/President of RGHF from 2006-2007.

Calum Thomson Has both LLB and MA degrees and is a member of the Institute of Transport and Logistics (MILT) - and an Associate Member of the Institute of Transport Administration (AMInstTA).

"Looking at my Pelican History of America's index, I cannot find any references to "Rotary" or "Paul Harris". I do, incidentally, find the names of some eminent Rotarians such as Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D Roosevelt.

We shall have to find our own history.

Understanding the past is, obviously, important in helping to explain the present. Why, for example, did the movement expand so rapidly? The answer lies with the early pioneers who understood that the "Booster" concept of self interest was flawed and only appropriate for short-term advantage. If the movement could adapt to serve the community both at home and abroad, it would be able to attract men (and women) from every part of the globe.

Rotary has to provide history as a resource for all of its 30,000 clubs. In the age of the world-wide web, it is so easy for one inaccuracy to spread like a common cold. The "History of Rotary" Project web site should be a repository of all definitive answers.

Rotarians, the world over, can examine the past and also read of Rotary critics such as G. B. Shaw or H. L. Mencken and realise that in reality, the sternest critics are club members themselves.

So, let us learn from the past and try to live up to those who began these Adventures in Service."

Presidents of Rotary Paul Harris


Harris' last article of his presidency, The Rotarian, 1912

Rare 1933 photo from the Boston Convention with Paul Harris

Harris and Perry and the Object of Rotary

Harris art

Sydney Pascall, 1931-32, London


Tom Warren, RIBI President 1937-38,

RI President 1945-46  (Biography)

Herb Taylor 1954-55

"The Four Way Test," and an essay


Early Leaders


Arthur Sheldon's philosophy "behind the motto"


Jim Davidson


Lillian Dow Davidson's book "Making New Friends"


Women of Rotary Jean Harris


Jean Thomson Harris Rose

Jean Harris Centennial Tribute

2006 visit by ROTARY/One

Women in 1912?

Early Issues

Early Women's Clubs


The Inner Wheel





Global History The early history of Australia


Photos of Melbourne

Photos of Sydney


Early Clubs of Asia



The first five years

Historic photos of Calcutta

Rotary in Ireland

The early history of New Zealand

Wanganui club war efforts (photo)

Auckland club reception room

Forward by New Zealand Prime Minister, S. G. Holland, 14 January 1955

Rotarian writes about leadership, in 1941


General History


More Critics of Early Rotary


Other Organizations


Benjamin Franklin's "Rotary-like" Club


Famous Rotarians


Richard Lugar


Rotary and global conflict


WW II in the UK


Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI)


BARC the British Association of Rotary Clubs

The First 100 Clubs

The RIBI Magazine

The Forgotten Editor

The Youngest RIBI President

Essay on Robert Burns, published in ROTARY

History of Canada

The Fourth Object

One Rotary Center Tour


Rotary International Conventions


1910 Chicago 

1911 Portland 

1912 Duluth 

1913 Buffalo 

1914 Houston 

1915 San Francisco 

1916  Cincinnati

1917 Atlanta

1918 Kansas City

1919 Salt Lake City

1920 Atlantic City

1921 Edinburgh

1922 Los Angeles

1923 St. Louis,  

1924 Toronto 

1925 Cleveland

1926 Denver

1928 Minneapolis

1929 Dallas

1930 Chicago 

1932 Seattle

1933 Boston

1934 Detroit

1935 Mexico City

1936 Atlantic City

1937 Nice

1938 San Francisco

1939 Cleveland

1940 Havana

1941 Denver

1942 Toronto

1943 St. Louis  

1955 Chicago

1961 Tokyo


The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International


First Female Trustee


Club Histories


ROTARY/One photo essay

How ROTARY/One's book "The Golden Strand" got its name

ROTARY/One during World War I

2 San Francisco

The early practice of "Boosting, " and other San Francisco memorabilia

Golden Wheel cover and author

4 Seattle

5 Los Angeles

The National Rotary Club of Los Angeles

30 Wichita

35 Winnipeg

41 Jacksonville

Paul Harris and the Jacksonville Rotary Club

46 Washington DC

50 London

Early Clubs of London

Beveridge Report on Social Welfare

66 Manchester

"The New World Movement - Service" from The Rotarian

from Dec 1913 by Charles B Penwarden

79 Atlanta

Early Beginnings

85 Montreal

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