Concerning Service to Youth

Concerning Service to Youth
July 1916 R.I. Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. took action to appoint a standing "Committee on Work Among Boys," composed of six Rotarians. Its purpose was to cooperate with Rotary clubs and to further and coordinate the work for boys.
1920 First "Boys Week" organized by the Rotary Club of New York.
June 1923   R.I. President was authorized to appoint annually a five-member committee on boys work.
Jan. 1924 Conference of persons interested in boys work was held in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Jan. 1933   Boys Week changed to Youth Week
June 1934 R.I. Convention in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. featured youth service presentation for first time
Jan. 1935 R.I. board of directors requested president to appoint ad hoc committee on youth service to explore entire subject of youth service and make recommendations to board at June
1935 Meeting as to whether R.I. should endeavor to sponsor activities which might be considered as falling under heading of youth service
June 1935 Board adopted definition of youth service. Also urged Rotary clubs to study needs of youth in the community, counsel youth, hold youth conferences, collect information concerning vocational guidance, and encouraged Rotarians to give personal attention to youth
July 1935 Youth Week changed to Boys and Girls Week. Board requested president to appoint five-man youth service committee for purpose of further studying field of youth service, advising and assisting in preparation of information, suggestions, programs, etc. with reference to youth service to be distributed to Rotary clubs and Rotarians
Nov. 1937 Board established terms of reference for boys work-youth service committee. Its duty was to study field of boys work and youth service, to counsel board with respect to such activities and prepare for the guidance and use of Rotary clubs and Rotarians information and suggestions as to plans and programs for boys work and youth service activities
July 1939 Board authorized appointment of special committee for 1939-40 to study field of boys work and youth service to give counsel to the board. Believing that the term "youth" included both boys and girls and young men and women, the board agreed that the committee would be known as the youth committee of R.I. with the same terms of reference as established by the board in 1931-38 for the boys work-youth service committee
Jan. 1941 Board approved statement on Objectives of Service to Youth July 1941 Board agreed on duties of youth committee
1941-42 Board took decisions concerning future activity of youth committee
July 1946 Board revised terms of reference of youth committee adopted in 1941-42
1948-49  Board revised "Objectives of Service to Youth"
Jan. 1950 Board discontinued the appointment of a youth committee of R.I.
Jan. 1954 
Discontinued sponsorship by R.I. of Boys and Girls Week. Encouraged Rotary clubs to adapt specific programs of service to youth in their respective communities, cooperating with existing agencies in combating juvenile delinquency or in dealing with any current local problems, and to inaugurate and vigorously pursue objective activities in the field of youth service
Jan. 1956 Board examined "Wheel Clubs" plan initiated by Rotary Club of Miami, Florida, U.S.A. but did not consider it feasible or practical for R.I. to undertake sponsorship of Wheel clubs project as proposed
Jan. 1959 Board requested the Rotary Foundation development committee to give study to organized youth programs adapted to secondary school level as possible additional future avenue for the work of The Foundation
May-June 1960 Board authorized president to appoint ad hoc committee for the purpose of investigating various organized youth activities sponsored by Rotary clubs with a view to developing a specific program of organized youth activity which could be recommended to Rotary clubs worldwide
May 1962 Board accepted plan for organized youth activity as recommended by ad hoc committee on youth. The activity, to be known as Interact, was to be offered to Rotary clubs worldwide on a voluntary basis
May-June 1964  Interact Week established
May-June 1966 Board referred to president and members of the board in 1966-67 the subject of Rotary-sponsored youth activities or organizations for university students and/or youth at the post-secondary school level and suggested to board in 1966-67 to initiate an in-depth study to determine feasibility of developing a plan for a Rotary-sponsored organization similar to Interact at the post-secondary school level
January 1968 Board accepted plan for organization and sponsorship of Rotaract clubs to be offered to Rotary clubs worldwide on a voluntary basis. January 1969 Interact Week changed to Youth Activities Week, to focus on all Rotary-sponsored youth activities January 1970 Board agreed that Rotary clubs be encouraged to offer youth merit awards as means of providing recognition of outstanding qualities demonstrated by young people in service, dependability and leadership
April 1971 Board adopted as part of youth activities program of R.I., a Rotary youth leadership awards program based upon the RYLA program as carried out in districts in Australia and New Zealand. Requested the general secretary of R.I. to produce and distribute publications describing the program and to promote participation in it in accordance with the board's discussion at that meeting
January 1975 Board adopted a statement of policy on international student projects and youth exchange to supersede its previous decisions with respect thereto.

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