Latin America

The Friendship Trees of Latin America
A Part of our History of Rotary in South America
"They would like to think well of us; in fact, nothing could give them greater happiness than to believe sincerely that the "Colossus of the North" is really a friendly, kindly Colossus who would not intrude upon their rights as members of the family of nations, who would consider South American countries by reason of their position it the western hemisphere entitled to the friendly appellation which our present Roosevelt has given them, "Our neighbors on the South".

I like the term neighbor and always did. I like it so well that I have for years had a wood sign permanently attached to my house near the front door overlooking our friendship garden. The bears the legend, "Neighborliness makes for Happiness" and so it does. Neighborly people are happy people, while those who keep shut within their own walls are likely to be the very opposite.

The world has been hearing quite enough of international pacts, treaties and agreements. The have more frequently led to war than war than from it."1

October 1936 Rotarian article

In Australia, South Africa, and Europe - in short, everywhere Paul Harris has gone as an ambassador of Rotary - he has planted trees as a living symbol of Rotary fellowship. This picture was snapped on his tour of South America

Rio de Janeiro 1936

Paul and Jean Harris and others at a tree planting in Rio de Janeiro. During their trip to Columbia, Panama, Equador, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil in 1936

Rio de Janeiro 1936

Paul Harris planting a tree in Rio de Janeiro as Jean and others look on. Used in the June 1970 issue of The Rotarian and the January February 1980 issue of Revista Rotaria

From the Buenos Aires club president

A kind letter from the president of the Buenos Aires Rotary Club.

Paul Harris wrote, that Buenos Aires most reminded him of Paris.

He and Jean Harris spent 18 days in this city, where he spoke to students and traveled the countryside

Jean and Paul Harris Visit Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires was the highlight of their visit to South America. You can also read an article about Jean Harris at the Buenos Aires page on this website.

From the home page, click on South America and then Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires 1936

Paul Harris and "Rotarian Authorities" plant a tree in Buenos Aires. This photograph and text are from the History of the Rotary Club of Buenos Aires, courtesy of that club


Valparaiso, Chile 1936

Paul and Jean Harris attended the 1936 Ibero American Rotary conference. The soil for this planting came from each of the countries represented at the conference. "While I have participated in many (plantings), I am certain that the ceremony has never been taken so seriously by so large a number." Paul Harris *

Valparaiso "Friendship Tree" Ceremony

From "75 Years Rotary in Chile" provided to RGHF byGuillermo A. Izquierdo, 2001 Valparaiso Rotary Club President

75 Years: Rotary in Chile

Paul Harris planting the Valparaiso "Friendship Tree" with narrative from the History in Chile.

The text may be read, by clicking on the image. This will enlarge the photo and text

Lima, Peru

Paul Harris planting a tree near a public playground financed by the Rotary Club of Lima [Peru]. Used in the June 1936 issues of The Rotarian and Revista Rotaria

Santiago, Chile (date unknown)

Paul Harris planting a tree in Santiago, Chile as Jean Harris and others look on. [date unknown]

Paul Harris in Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1936

"Abaixo foto de Paul Harris quando de sua visita ao RC de Santos- Plantio da arvore da Amizade na Praca da Republica, a seu lado o Comp. Leao de Moura."

"In 1936 Paul Harris visit Santos ( Est. S. Paulo-Brazil)and at Republic Square, he planted a Friendship Tree."

In Rotarian fellowship,

Nelson Otero- President of Informatic

25 Years later at RC of Santos, S.P.

"Apos 25 anos, nossos Companheiros visitam a Arvore da Amizade, plantada por Paul Harris."

"25 years after our companions are visiting the historical tree."

Photos, courtesy of RC of Santos

1936 Montevideo

2 April 1936 as Paul Harris plants a tree in Montevideo along with Rotarians and local school children.

Photo from the Paul Harris Study, at One Rotary Center in Evanston
*From Peregrinations, Volume III "Our Neighbors on the South" page 117, by Paul P. Harris,
President Emeritus, Rotary International - copyright 1937, Jean T. Harris, courtesy of the
Rotary International Archives. Also see "Thoughts from Valparaiso"

2From Peregrinations, Volume III "Our Neighbors on the South" page 50, by Paul P. Harris,
President Emeritus, Rotary International - copyright 1937, Jean T. Harris,
courtesy of the Rotary International Archives.

All photos copyright Rotary International Archives unless noted otherwise.

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