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Creating a list requires typing the asterisk key (shift-8) for a bullet, the number symbol (shift-3) for a numbered list, or using the Advanced menu bar and typing.

Click Advanced, the menu starting with Heading will appear.

The word Format precedes the two list options. Option one is a bulleted list. Option two is a numbered list.

Bulleted List

(asterisk) Bulleted list item . . . .(pretend you see an asterisk :)
(asterisk) Bulleted list item
(asterisk) Bulleted list item

I just clicked the bulleted list icon three times. I can then replace the words Bulleted list item with the actual words I want in the list. To For example,

  • Paul Harris Fellow
  • Paul Harris Society
  • Paul Harris Bequest

Numbered List

A numbered list is created the same way. It will place a number sign before each line and automatically number the lines sequentially for you.

(pound) Numbered list item . . . .(pretend you see a pound symbol :)
(pound) Numbered list item
(pound) Numbered list item

Replace Numbered list item with your own words. For example,

  1. DDF--District Designated Funds
  2. DAF--Donor Advised Funds
  3. LCF--Local Club Funds