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I am doing a Retention Central series called Marketing Rotary for Non-Professionals. I have attached Draft B of 101. I would like to post 101 on or slightly before December 16. Comments or suggestions for improvement on 101 are welcome, but before I post it, I would like to draft 102, which will discuss the values Rotary, clubs, and Rotarians exchange.

  1. What differentiating values does Rotary deliver to its member clubs; that gives cause for local groups of people with enterprising minds to want to associate with Rotary?
  2. What differentiating values should membership in local clubs deliver to local leaders that would cause them to want to join a local Rotary club?
  3. What values do member clubs deliver to Rotary in exchange for these differentiating values?
  4. What values do Rotarians deliver to clubs and Rotary in exchange for these differentiating values?

Remember that Rotary, following the convention recommended in Rotary's Messaging Guidelines, includes The Rotary Foundation.

All I am looking for is your thoughts and opinions on the values exchanged. Perhaps a better word is HELP!

Jim Henry,

  • PDG D-6960, Rotary Club of Sarasota, President 1988-89, 2011-12
  • Rotarian of the Decade D-6960 2001-2010
  • Recipient 2011 R.I. Service Above Self Award
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Rotary clubs do not make communities - Rotary clubs make communities better.

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Discuss Member Retention

Discussion area.Dr Phyllis M Olmstead 00:34, 3 December 2014 (MST)

Organizations like RGHF should continually produce and deliver something their members' value. RGHF has to define itself and the attributes it creates by the benefits the attributes deliver to members. It is the members, not RGHF, that determine the attributes value. In return for creating and delivering attributes its members value, RGHF captures value from them when they join and renew.

For example, in the draft I just prepared and sent to each of you, a benefit of knowing history is to learn what has and has not been successful. That way mistakes are not duplicated. Rotary, for example, could have used a study of history to learn that recruiting members is a mistake because recruiting is usually intended to fulfill an organization's need whereas attracting is looked at from the viewpoint of those being attracted. That is what we have to do - attract new and existing members.

So I am asking each of you, over the next several weeks, to put on your thinking caps, think about, and write down why joining and staying a member of RGHF benefits Rotarians? I, and perhaps some others, will keep a record of what each of you perceive as RGHF member benefits. This is not an easy task or one to be taken lightly. I recommend that as you ponder this question, when a thought strikes, write it down somewhere. When you have compiled your thoughts, send all of us through 'reply all'. Jim Henry, 3 Dec 2014 2:39 p.m.

PDG Jim Henry has joined RGHF to assist us, first with our own membership retention and secondly, to help us show all of Rotary why retention is vital to our future. Please read, consider and reply. We want "Rotary" to be more than just a moment in "History." We are also starting a blog at to discuss this and there will be RGHF features dealing with this important subject. Jack Selway, 3 Dec 2014 4:53 pm
I think that to expand on a well-known phrase, knowing our history helps us to maximize our successes and not repeat our mistakes. But, knowing it is the key, and RGHF does a yeoman's job (You're not a slouch either, Jim) of chronicling our history, even more comprehensively than RI does. They are our Rotarypedia!

Sylvia V. Whitlock, Ph. D. 3 Dec 2014 5:26 pm

Thanks Jim, this is lovely. Olaoluwa 3 Dec 2014 4:53 pm

For more information on the importance of attracting rather than recruiting, consider reading this Rotatorial: Jim Henry, 3 Dec 2014 2:51


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