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Service Above Self!

Rotary International Convention Attendance Loving Cup

The Early Years[edit]

The Rotary Club of Apopka is a member of Rotary International. District 6980 is composed of clubs in the counties of Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Sumter. Rotary started in the Orlando area with the chartering of the Orlando club on May 12, 1920. The club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tampa in what was then District 8. The Orlando club sponsored the Rotary Club of Apopka in May 1927.

Rotary Club of Apopka 1944 Members

Apopka brought home the RI loving cup (above right) one year from the Rotary International Convention. The loving cup was awarded based upon one of two situations: taking the number of miles traveled times the number of members in attendance or if the entire club attended. It was retired to Eustis after their third win.
Rotopopkan January 18, 1934 Cover The original bulletin or newsletter of the Rotary Club of Apopka was called The Rotopopkan. It was issued monthly. Volume 2--No. 5, on yellow paper, was dated January 18, 1934, was 5.5"x8.5" and was four pages of typing. It was like a newspaper about Rotary in general. Items covered included information on many other clubs, reasons for attendance, other club's fundraisers, Rotary International President's activities, previous club speakers' topics, the status of club projects, and some trivia.

Volume 3, No. 6, dated April 25, 1935 had expanded to 8 pages. The exterior page was pink and the interior page was blue on the copy retained at the Museum of the Apopkans. The booklet was saddle stapled. They announced their new officers, District 39's convention, organizing the "Goober League" ball and sponsoring a team, and a pre-school medical clinic for physicals by the Rotarian doctor and dentist. Ken Guernsey, past RI VP and Orlando member, was to speak the next week.

The Apopka Chieftain November 6, 1958 Cover

The Apopka Chieftain November 6, 1958 Interior

The bulletin was called The Apopka Chieftain by 1958. The club was in District 696 then and met in the Apopka Civic Center. It had become a weekly document at was printed offset on the outside as a cover, but the interior was mimeographed. Vol. 2, No. 10, was from November 6, 1958. Earl F. Nelson, a new member that day, as of 2015 has been a member and has made up all over the world.
The Apopka Rotary Spoke March 30, 2003 Cover The Apopka Rotary Spoke from March 20, 2003 was a legal-sized folded booklet. It was not very newsy like the previous versions, but more functional with officers, member's contact information, information on the past and next speakers, advertisements by Rotarians, and the President listed open classifications as his "Rotary Ramblings." A new addition in the program was a form for visiting Rotarians to document their attendance in Apopka.

Societal Contributions[edit]

Vocational Service[edit]

Member Recognition[edit]

Dr Howard A Kelly[edit]
Dr. Howard A. Kelly Park

To The Memory Of
Dr. Howard Atwood Kelly of Baltimore Maryland.
One of the founders of Johns Hopkins Hospital
and Medical School. He was a great surgeon,
teacher, and medical authority and above all a
Christian gentleman.
Dr. Kelly, in 1927, donated to Orange County
for public use this 200 acre tropical scenic
park from whose natural springs flow 26000
gallons of water per minute.
This memorial provided by
The Rotary Club of Apopka, Florida
June 1959
Bronze plaque for Dr. Howard A. Kelly
Monument in honor of Dr Kelly at Kelly Springs Park
John H. Land[edit]

John H Land joined the Rotary Club of Apopka in 1949, the same year that he was elected Mayor of Apopka. He remained in Rotary for 65 years and served as President. He was a Paul Harris Fellow and was interred with a Service Above Self Four-Way Test Paul Harris coin.
He has a Wikipedia Page, recognizing him as the longest serving full-time mayor at the time, 61 years. There are numerous webpages, and media reports online recognizing his service to the community and Rotary.

Community Service[edit]

  • Awards multiple scholarships annually for college-bound high school graduates (2014-$10,000 to 5 students)
    Marquee at the Intersection of Park Avenue and Main Street, Apopka, FL
  • Sponsors the Apopka Memorial Middle School, Apopka High School, and Wekiva High Schools Interact Clubs
  • Presents the Apopka Fair raising funds for all charitable endeavors.
  • Supports Cub Scout Pack
  • Sponsors students to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), focusing on citizenship and leadership qualities in high school students (2014-awarded 8 students and provided Rotarian leadership
  • Participates in local improvement and beautification projects
  • Provides Christmas presents and a party for John Bridges Center Students
  • Community Marquee at town center

International Service[edit]

  • Contributes to worldwide service projects as Paul Harris Fellows (2014-30 members)
  • Supports the Rotary International Youth Exchange program--(2013-Russia)
  • Supports the Rotary International Group Exchange program--(2015-Taiwan)
  • Donates to Rotary International’s PolioPlus program that has nearly eradicated of polio worldwide


1927 1927-28 Carl J Jackson 1928-29 William Edwards 1929-30 Jack Jewell
1930-31 Dr Tom McBride 1931-32 J.R. Glover 1932-33 C Womble 1933-34 Charles Sickles 1934-35 John Masek
1935-36 Harrison Laney 1936-37 Congressman Henry W Land 1937-38 Howard Anderson 1938-39 J. C. Charles 1939-40 Edward L Matthews
1940-41 Glenn Roberts 1941-42 John H Talton 1942-43 F E Cloud 1943-44 Rev David Sargent 1944-45 Harold Cadmus
1945-46 Wilfred E Rice 1946-47 James Mahaffey 1947-48 Lomax Gwathmey 1948-49 Robert Pitman 1949-50 Clifford Jones
1950-51 Mayor John H. Land 1951-52 Thomas W Swanner 1952-53 Johnie A McLeod 1953-54 Harry W Dreis 1954-55 William R Pressley
1955-56 Thomas O Mahaffey 1956-57 William Fairington 1957-58 Marlin E. Hooper 1958-59 Rev William Irvin 1959-60 Robert M Reid
1960-61 William G Coyle, Jr 1961-62 Earl F Nelson 1962-63 John W Cox 1963-1964 William J Howell 1964-65 Dr. Harry R Ansley
1965-66 Willis E Warren 1966-67 E Stewart Green 1967-68 Robert L Burgust 1968-69 Julian M Roberts 1969-70 Roger E Altman
1970-71 S Allen Poole 1971-72 W.E. Lockeby 1972-73 Frank E Edwards 1973-1974 William M Morris 1974-75 Vice-Mayor William Arrowsmith
1975-76 John D Gentry 1976-77 Tom Moffitt 1977-78 Lowell E Swanberg 1978-79 Donald W Dean 1979-80 Wayne I Anderson
1980-81 George C Kelley III 1981-82 Dr. Victor Gammichia 1982-83 William H Britt 1983-84 Horace Watson 1984-85 Buddy Brunker
1985-86 Charles Hughes 1986-87 John Ricketson 1987-88 John Fredricks 1988-89 Giles Van Dyne 1989-90 James H Wade Jr
1990-91 Wes Aman 1991-92 Fred Brummer 1992-93 Chris Hart 1993-94 W. Forehand/D. Rankin 1994-95 Buck Buchanan
1995-96 Rev. Henry Cribb 1996-97 Steve Preston 1997-98 David Black 1998-99 Scott Braswell 1999-00 Jack Schrenker
2000-01 Gregg Collier 2001-02 Bob Loomis 2002-03 Phillip Zabukovec 2003-04 Jeanne Miller 2004-05 Susy Freycenet
2005-06 John Masciantoni 2006-07 Jim Pinckney 2007-08 Paul Hunt 2008-09 Captain Bob Rosen, USN 2009-10 Doug Gondera
2010-2011 Cindy Cioci 2011-2012 Bill Spiegel 2012-2013 Dan Kelly 2013-2014 Chris DeClue 2014-2015 Mary Kruger
2015-16 Jon DeClue 2016-17 Deborah Perez 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20

Meetings and Information[edit]

Please join us at our weekly meeting!
Thursday of each week at 12:00 noon
Florida Hospital Apopka Community Room
201 North Park Avenue, Apopka, FL 32756 USA
Contact us at
Rotary Club of Apopka
P.O. Box 7
Apopka, FL 32704-0007 USA
(407) 889-0859
Email the Club


District 6980

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