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The Early Years[edit]

The Rotary Club of Blaby is a member of Rotary International. District 1070 is composed of clubs in the East Midlands of England and Zone 17.

During 1975 a number of Rotarians in the old BOW club (Rotary Club of Blaby, Oadby and Wigston), who all lived or worked in Wigston proposed that a separate club for Wigston should be formed. After consultation with the then District 107, it was agreed that the Blaby, Oadby and Wigston Club should indeed become three. The new Oadby club would retain the original charter and foster the new Rotary Club of Wigston, whilst the Rotary Club of Lutterworth would foster the new Rotary Club of Blaby. District Extension Officer, PDG Ron Watson, of the Rotary Club of Bedford was given the responsibility of bringing this to a reality, and the Rotary Club of Lutterworth gave the task of assisting in the creation of the Rotary Club of Blaby to Rtn. Ron Eglin, who later became the Club’s first Honorary Member in recognition of the efforts he had put in during its formation.

The First Fourty Years[edit]

As the Blaby Club now celebrates its first forty years it can look back on achievements and a positive influence on the communities it serves. It is in a position of change and rebuilding. The age profile of the Club has become high. However two new members were recruited last year and two more are awaiting investiture this year with others in the pipeline. They will be joining a Club with a history of achievement, a Club that has punched above its weight, but a Club that cares. The next new members will be joining a Club that, in the words of RI President for 2015-16, K.R. Ravindran, is “A gift to the world”, a Club that gives of its talents, its knowledge, its dedication, its efforts to endeavour to make a difference to others who may be in need. History inevitably looks back, but it does so in order the better to look forward. May the Blaby Club continue to look forward and continue — TO CARE.

History Book PDF First Forty Years Rotary Club of Blaby[edit]


ClubName was chartered on 12/01/19XX after being recommended by Rotary Club of Lutterworth

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1976-77 John Courtney 1996-97 David Robinson
1977-78 Alan Pearce 1997-98 Robert Banner
1978-79 Andrew St John 1998-99 Mike Hill
1979-80 Reg Nowell 1999-2000 Alan Pulford
1980-81 Harold Hall 2000-01 Howard King
1981-82 Roy Brown 2001-02 Robert Banner
1982-83 Peter Halford 2002-03 Bill Southeran
1983-84 Henry Archer 2003-04 Eddy Brew
1984-85 Bill Southeran 2004-05 Terry Watts
1985-86 David Ripley 2005-06 Gough Gamble
1986-87 Peter Stanley 2006-07 Roy Cafferty
1987-88 Jack Andrews 2007-08 Barry Harpham
1988-89 Mick Beesley 2008-09 Elsbeth James
1989-90 Terry Watts 2009-10 Brian Armstrong
1990-91 Bill James 2010-11 Hugh Gunn
1991-92 David Clarke 2011-12 Michael Wrigh
1992-93 Ron Miles 2012-13 Hilary Painter
1993-94 Alex Hunter 2013-14 Andrew St John
1994-95 John Croot 2014-15 Eddy Brew
1995-96 Gerald Rimmington 2015-16 Terry Watts

Meetings and Information[edit]

Please join us at our weekly meeting!
Meeting Information...

We meet on Tuesdays at 12.45pm
(5th Tuesdays are usually evening meetings (7.30pm))
Stanton Lakes, Broughton Road,
Stoney Stanton, Leicester.
LE9 4JA tel: 01455 283043

History Book[edit]

The Rotary Club of Blaby presents this short history of the First Forty Years in the sure and certain knowledge that someone will come up with something that has been overlooked and will be asking the question “Why was that left out?” To that unknown “someone”, and indeed to all, we can only apologise for any omission in this brief story. It is, however, a story without an end and perhaps any such omission can be included in a later version to commemorate 50 years of the Blaby Club. Our thanks are sincerely recorded to all those who have contributed to the completion of this brief story, and we hope it will bring just a little satisfaction on looking back on things achieved.

History Book in PDF Format

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