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Rotary Club of Kolhapur Central

Yakima Rotary Club[edit]

In 1980, a group of Yakima Rotarians wrote what was callee "A Brief History (1919-1980). That history was revised and updated in 1999. Thehistory as it was presented to members of the club in 1999 is reproduced here.

"A historical review of Rotary prior to the formation of a club in Yakima(Washington)shows that the idea originated in the mind of Paul Harris, a lwayer in Chicago. The name was derived from the practice of rotating meetings from one member's place of business to another's. It remained a Chicago club for three years, 1905-1908, until a 2nd club was originated in San Francisco. Then a year later in 1909 the idea spread on the west coast to Oakland, Los Angeles and Seattle, s well as New York city on the east coast.

Following the organization of the Seattle club, other Northwest cities picked up the service club idea in rapid order with Tacoma, Portland and Spokane establishing Rotary Clubs in 1910. Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. followed soon after in 1913.

Smaller cities were handicapped somewhat by a Rotary ruling that new clubs must have 25 members with separate distinct classifications. But the idea spread north from Seattle and we note a Rotary club formed in Everett in 1916 and in Bellingham in 1917.

It did't take long for the Rotary idea to spread across the mountains to Eastern Washington with both Walla Walla and Yakima forming clubs in 1919. Wenatchee came along soon after in 1921.

Prologue: Yakima Rotary Club

In the fall of 1919 Mr. T. L. Monson of Seattle appeared in Yakima to promote the formation of a Rotary Club. A meeting was called of some twenty men on the evening of October 27 to discuss the advisability of a club here in Yakima. After an explanation by Mr. Monson, and a general discussion, the group decided to institute the club, setting Monday evening November 3rd as the organizational meeting, with a banquet at the Commercial Hotel. Twenty-two visiting Rotarians from Seattle, Spokane, Everett and Walla Walla were present as guests.

After reading of the form of constitution and by-laws suggested by Rotary International, it was decided to go ahead with the organization. The following were elected as trustees: Rundstrom, Richards, Bell, Miller and Fechter. These trustees at their meeting selected the officers of the club -- President, W. A. Bell, Vice-President, Robert Rundstrom, Treasurer, O. A. Fechter. O. F. Soots was named temporary secretary, afterward made permanent.

The charter members were the following men with their classifications: Bell, William A. Hardware-wholesale Cardiff, Ira R. Fruit processing Ditter, Phil A. Dry goods Eberle, Fred Fruit selling Fechter, Oscar A. Banking Gibson, Omar D. Meat packing Harford, Robert T. Grocery-wholesale Helton, Alfred J. Physician, general Huebner, Albert H. Lumber-wholesale Huston, Thomas F. Undertaking Janeck, Louis O. Loans Kohls, Joseph F. Shoes Lemon, William L. Men's furnishings Meigs, Leonard C. Attorney Miller, Alex Building, owning Raymond, Fred M. Ice manufacturing Richards, Nathan C. Street railway Robinson, William D. Minister Robertson, Wilbur W. Newspaper Ross, Fred S. Life Insurance Rundstrom, Robert W. Furniture Soots, Orpheus C. Commercial secretary Talcott, Carl M. Musical instruments Tuesley, Walter F. Bookbinding West, Edmund S. Surgeon

The charter was presented December 1, 1919.