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The Rotary Club of Edinburgh[edit]

Club Charter[edit]

After a preliminary meeting on September 4th 1912 attended by 14 gentlemen, the first meeting of the Rotary Club of Edinburgh was held on September 23rd 1912. 39 Founder members were present. The Club received its Charter in May 1913. The Rotary Club of Edinburgh celebrated its Centenary with a series of events during the Rotary year 2012-2013 including a celebration Dinner on Friday September 21st 2012.

The First Club President[edit]

In 1913, RW Pentland was the first President of the Rotary Club of Edinburgh. He conceived the idea of uniting the eight clubs that then existed in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Dublin, London, Belfast, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Birmingham into a British Association “that would be beneficial to all”. The British Association of Rotary Clubs was formally constituted on May 4th, 1914. Pentland was elected its first President and Tom Stephenson of the Edinburgh Club as Honorary Secretary.

The First Convention[edit]

The first Rotary International Convention outside North America was held in Edinburgh in June 1921 at the invitation of the Edinburgh Club.

Paul Harris Visit[edit]

Paul Harris, who founded of Rotary in Chicago in 1905, came to a meeting of The Rotary Club of Edinburgh in 1928 and again with his wife in 1934. Jean Thomson Harris, the wife of Paul Harris, was born in Edinburgh and returned to Edinburgh after the death of her husband and is buried in Newington Cemetery, Edinburgh.

Honorary Members & Early Years[edit]

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has been an Honorary Member of the Edinburgh Club since 1952 when he invited Officers of the Club to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s residence when she is in Edinburgh. He has visited the Club on several occasions most notably for the Dinner to celebrate the Club’s 75th Anniversary on June 30th 1987 and more recently in July 2007.

Present Date Club Meeting Place[edit]

The Club meets at the King James Hotel, St James Centre each Thursday at 1.00p.m. It has 120 members.