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Service Above Self!

eClub of Florida banner

The Early Years[edit]

The Rotary eClub of Florida is a member of Rotary International. District 6980 is composed of clubs in Florida's Heart.


CP Dr Phyllis M Olmstead, DG 6980 Dan Semenza, Orlando Dragons sponsoring club charter president Rachel Siu

Rotary eClub of Florida was chartered on September 30, 2016 after being recommended by Rotary Club of Orlando Dragons of Orlando, FL, USA.

Societal Contributions—Avenues of Service[edit]

Community Service[edit]

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The flagship project of the Rotary eClub of Florida is Little Free Library.

Additionally, the club jumped into helping the district with the Human Trafficking awareness symposium by designing the H T Signal for Safety cards, translating it into multiple languages, and creating shirts for the program.

Human Trafficking H T for Safety Signal card in English

International Service[edit]

  • The HT Signal for Safety signs were developed by the Charter President following a symposium for District 6980 on Human Trafficking with The Lifeboat Project, Inc. Fourteen language versions of the signal have been made and she produced a tee shirt for the program. The signs have been distributed worldwide with over 10,000 cards in English and Spanish being distributed at the Rotary International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 2017.

Signs are located in album section of the Facebook page.

  • YouTube videos were produced and shared, also.
    • This one is on the explanation of human trafficking and how to do the signal. Do you need help? Are you being trafficked? Abused? Held against your will? When you are in a safe position and see some that can help you sign H T. Don't do it in the view of your abuser or captor. Block the sign with your body.
    • Learn the Signal from PRIPS Riseley. Are you in danger? If you saw this signal would you know what it means? H T for Safety Signal means the person is a subject of human trafficking. Don't risk exposing the person, secretly contact police to help the person. Anyone near them might be the trafficker! Be discrete and safe. Featuring Past Rotary International President's Spouse Juliet Riseley.
  • District Designated Funds were used in the RI District Grant Cycle 2019-2020 for permanent public and private signage with training in Central Florida.
  • Zoom training and introduction sessions have been conducted with clubs around the globe.

Club Service[edit]

Visit our RGHF History Library for our Little Free Libraries.

New Image Youth Center, Parramore District, Orlando, Orange, FL, USA

New Image Youth Center, Little Free Library Impact Fund, America St, Parramore District, Orlando, Orange, FL. Dr Shanta Barton, director, Shawanda Jones, parent steward, eClub of Florida

Vocational Service[edit]

Youth Service[edit]


2016-2017 Charter Year Dr Phyllis M Olmstead 2017-2018 Herbert C Rodriguez, Jr 2018-2019 Gloria C Esteban 2019-2020 Gloria Esteban
2020-2021 Marc Harris 2021-2022 Joe Kelly

Meetings and Information[edit]

Please join us online at online http://www.RotaryeClubofFlorida.org!
We are an asynchronous club with optional in person meetings, socials, and service activities. online http://www.RotaryeClubofFlorida.org
Contact us at Rotary eClub of Florida
PO Box 160274
Altamonte Springs, FL 32716-0274 USA

Phone: 1-954-559-0192

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District 6980

Club Virtual Presence[edit]

Club Website
Club Facebook
Twitter @FloridaeClub

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