Harare West, Zimbabwe

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Harare West Rotary Club[edit]

Rotary District 9210

Charter 1964
Type Service Club
Weekly meetings Rotary Center Harare

Corner Colquhoun street and Five Avenue

Weekly meetings Mondays at 1245 hrs
Membership 43
Official languages English
President Sam Samu (2013-2014)
Key people President elect:Elizabeth Mukondiwa

Secretary: Elizabeth Mukondiwa

Treasurer: Norah Tome
Contacts +2634 883859, +263 773445055
hrewstrc@mweb.co.zw, emukondi@cabs.co.zw
Website www.hararewestrotary.org.zw

The Rotary Club of Harare West, Zimbabwe, established in 1964, is the second oldest Rotary Club in Harare. In 1964, the Rotary Club of Harare appointed a special representative, Rotarian T E (“Tinker”) Taylor to act as the midwife and bring our club into being. “Tinker” was also a representative of Rotary International.



The first project undertaken by our Club was the establishment of a medical clinic at Gillingham, now part of Dzivaresekwa. It was handled by the Community Service Committee at an estimated cost of STG 1,250. To enable a quick start to be made, the Club took over an old tobacco barn on the farm. It was cleaned out and basic furniture was borrowed, wagon lamps and primus stoves were installed and initially the doctors used their own instruments. The clinic was run by medical students attending the Godfrey Huggins School of Medicine attached to the university. The need for the clinic was that the men, women and children of Gillingham were a long way from medical services. To seek even the simplest medical care entailed a long and arduous journey, whereas the proposed clinic would be on their doorstep. Furthermore, the clinic would serve a wide area of the neighbouring countryside with a population then of some 6,000 people. It was officially opened in September 1966 and handed over to the medical students committee. The Gillingham Clinic Project received an outstanding Achievement Award in 1966, a feather in the cap for the young Club


  • Distribution of second hand clothes: 42 bales weighing a ton each were distributed to various charitable organizations
  • Distribution of coffee mugs: 60, 000 glass coffee mugs were distributed to various charitable organizations
  • Homefields: A centre for mentally challenged adults
  • Mashambanzou:
  • St Catherines:
  • Hupenyu Hutsva: An orphanage


  • Harare West has an active rotaract club with more that 25 members consistently meeting fortnightly at The Rotary centre on Fridays.
  • The club also boats of five active Interact clubs.
  • Two schemes to widen the horizons of youth, which are now firmly established in the Club’s programme, are “Venture into Citizenship” and “Know Your Community”, which were introduced in 1968 and 1969 respectively.
  • The “Venture into Citizenship” scheme started as a reciprocal arrangement with our linked Clubs, Silverton and Warmbaths, and it is now proposed to revive this scheme either within Zimbabwe or with new links in Malawi. The scheme involves a visit by a busload of senior school children from Harare to another centre where they are hosted by the local Rotarians, who arrange a programme of sightseeing and visits to places of interest. The children gain in general knowledge and human relations.
  • The following year a party of senior school children makes a reciprocal visit to Harare and a similar programme operates in reverse. The benefits to both centres are immeasurable.
  • The “Know Your Community” project is very similar but of a more local character, in which a number of senior schools in Mashonaland send two selected pupils to participate in the scheme. They are provided with accommodation if beyond Harare as well as transport, and spend a week seeing how the city is run and visiting factories and institutions.


The club has a weekly newsletter , the flame and a monthly newsletter, the leander news.