Kolhapur Heritage, Maharashtra, India

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Rotary Club of Kolhapur Heritage[edit]

Rotary District 3170[edit]



In the early years our club has taken ‘The Best upcoming Club's award for two times. The club also has one PHF+1 and one PHF member as on date. The club has received several R.I. & District Awards like Best Upcoming Club, Best Upcoming President, Best Secretary, Innovative Project Award, Presidential Citation Certification, RI Award for Membership Development & Retention and many other Governor's Award. One of our Matching Grant Project for Safe Drinking Water at 41 schools in association with 3 other clubs has been approved and the finalization of the schools is in process. The club has several permanent Projects like a Mega Dandia Event for creating awareness about Rotary in community and fund raising, We do distribution of sweet packets every year on the first day of Diwali.

Early Projects[edit]

Adoption of the school students in Rural area where Government aid is not sufficient is a regular activity of our club. We have Donated computers to schools in rural area. We have a project of Donating Incubators under Matching grant., Annual Free Health Check-up & Eye Check-up Camps for school children and community. We provide free drinking water at many Religious & Public Functions celebrated at & nearby Kolhapur city throughout the year. We also organize Elocution & Drawing Competitions on Topics of Social Relevance for School Children.

Continuing Activities[edit]


We have organized Aids awareness Camps where we have distributed Condoms to the Truck Drivers at Highways. Our club was the first club in Kolhapur to get into action during the Floods in Kolhapur. Club members distributed Food packets & Drinking water to passengers from stranded vehicles on NH 4 during the floods. Tree plantation is a permanent activity every year.

Benefit on Society[edit]


We have also organized Dental Camps at Schools in Rural Areas. The club took a giant leap by successfully completing individual Matching Grants project on child mortality. Through this club donated 6 lakh Rupees worth life saving & essential medical equipment to local civil hospital.

Permanent Project[edit]

<img size=800>http://www.rotaryheritage.org/templates/td_palta/images/header5.jpg</img>

This proved to be a big boon for needy babies & their families by saving many lives. This project continues to fight against child mortality. Club has also participated in other combined Matching Grants project like providing safe drinking water & Dictionary Donation for under privileged students.

International Service[edit]


Club is actively involved in Activities like Hosting Training Seminars for GSE Outgoing, Hosting Incoming GSE and Rotarian Friends, Volunteers. Friendship exchange.

More Info[edit]

Updated history at clubwebsite http://www.rotaryheritage.org