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Service Above Self!

Lake County Golden Triangle Logo

The Early Years[edit]


On January 17, 1923, the Rotary Club of Eustis was chartered. It was the third Rotary club in Central Florida: Rotary International formed a club in Jacksonville, Florida, USA in 1912, Jacksonville sponsored the Tampa, FL club on June 1, 1914. Tampa Rotary sponsored the Orlando, FL club on May 12, 1920 then the Orlando club sponsored Sanford on May 10, 1921.

The trip to Orlando was an arduous day long event those days at 50 miles of questionable roads. Thus, at the request of Mr. Frank Waterman of Waterman Pen Company fame, and a Eustis winter resident, a group of Orlando Rotarians came to Eustis on October 25, 1922 to organize and sponsor the formation of the Rotary Club of Eustis. Ken Guernsey was president of the Rotary Club of Orlando at that time and he and the other Orlando Rotarians completed the organization of the Eustis Club by January 1923.

The Charter President was Harry Hannay. He owned Hannah Lumber Company with a lumber mill on the A.C.L. Railroad at Lake Shore Drive. He closed the mill in the 1930s due the Great Depression. The Charter Meeting was held in the unfinished Fountain Inn Hotel, owned by Frank Waterman (Mr. Frank). The 1914-1915 RI President Frank Mullholland, of Toledo, OH, USA, delivered the Charter to the club and installed the initial officers. Mr. Frank owned a citrus grove in the Blue Lake area east of Eustis and often visited the club in the winter. The 1913-14 RI President Russell Greiner, Kansas City, MO, USA, was a frequent guest of Mr. Frank.

In June of 1923 and 1924, the entire club attended the Rotary International Conventions earning a silver loving cup that is a prized possession of the club. Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary International, attended several meetings of the Rotary Club of Eustis.

In 1934, the club hosted the District Conference. It is believed that the district consisted of the state of Florida, Georgia, and either Alabama or South Carolina. Eustis had several hotels including the Fountain Inn, Grandview, La Villa, many rooming and boarding houses for the over 400 Rotarians and guests registered for the conference. Some Rotarians hosted others in their homes. The conference meetings were held in the Fountain Inn.


The Eustis club sponsored the Eustis Boys Band before schools started bands. The band went to the Nationals in Michigan and placed very high. Another project was the WWII Rotary Honor Roll near the Chamber of Commerce Office in (the possibly now parking lot of the Bank of America). Clayton Bishop was on the billboard. The Club had a garden nursery just south of the building and sold trees, shrubs, and plants for beautifying Eustis. Another project was the construction of the handball court on Woodward Ave and Sunset Island. The club held many golf tournaments, spaghetti suppers at the high school, and chicken barbecues to raise funds for community projects.

  • 1960-62 presented a video camera to Eustis High School for athletics and academics
  • Built a handball court on Sunset Island--destroyed several years later by a hurricane
  • Many scholarships to mostly Lake-Sumter, Lake VoTech, and to state universities
  • Teacher of the Year Awards to teachers in Eustis Schools
  • Spaghetti Dinners and Chicken BBQ to aid academic, athletic, and band programs
  • Linda Hutt, an Eustis High School graduate in the 1970s received a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to Mexico
  • 1972-73 Organized Interact
  • Built a Fitness Track in Ferran Park
  • Beatification at Bennett Park Tennis Courts
  • Several Floats at the Washington Day Parades--Rotary Rowers (Boats built around members), Rotary Mowers (Riding Lawnmowers as a drill team), Rotary Rollers members on skates
  • Sponsored Beer Tent at GeorgeWashington Day Activities
  • Sponsored Children’s Trick or Treat in Ferran Park for Eustis Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award sponsorships
  • Short Term Summer Student Exchange with France (both ways)
  • Leon Hamilton was District Foreign Exchange Director for two years and lead a team to South Korea in 2003
  • Hosted teams two different years from Australia and another year a team from Brazil
  • Sponsored for 20 years Celebrity Spring Swing Golf Tournaments
  • Sponsored the Lake Great 8 Basketball Tournament for several years during the Christmas/Winter break
  • Sponsored STEM bowls for several years
  • Provided several ShelterBox tenst and many cases of water to East Lake County Tornado Victims
  • Two father – son club presidents, Harry and Frank Gaylord and Clayton and Richard Bishop.
  • There has been one father--daughter club president combination, Leon and Heather Hamilton. They each served as president twice, hers were back to back his 38 years apart with 38 years perfect attendance.
  • Leon, as the last president of the Eustis Rotary Club put together with the Eustis Chamber The Rotary Club of Eustis’ 90th Birthday Celebration with over 35 Past Presidents in attendance and John T Capp, from Rotary International, was the Keynote Speaker.
On January 17, 1923, a Charter Presentation was held, which established the Rotary Club of Eustis. There were a total of 15 Charter members and the first club meeting was held on February 2, 1923. The fees assessed upon joining the club was $100 per member, which included all of the meals for the following year.

The story has it that in June of 1923, Mr. Waterman arranged for his private railway cars to come to Eustis to take the entire club to the Rotary International Convention in St.Louis, Missouri. This won the club a silver loving cup, to be held for one year, for the highest percentage of club attendance and the furthest distance travelled.
Rotary International Convention Attendance Loving Cup--click on
In 1924, Mr. Waterman, again, donated his cars and 100% of the club, again, attended the International Conference held that year in Toronto, Canada. This, not only won the silver cup a second time, but Rotary International retired the cup and presented it to the club. The cup is, at this time, the club's most treasured possession. A brand new attendance cup was presented to Rotary International by the Eustis club for the 1925 Convention, and in 1953 it was still in circulation. Since, then, we have lost track of the cup and do not know if it is still in existence. Perhaps someone reading this can help complete the story.
Eustis won the cup in 1923 in Saint Louis for Mileage plus Members--click on
Upon learning that the Rotary International Convention was to be held in Orlando in June, 1992, and in an attempt to bring back the spirit of the past, the Rotary Club of Eustis made a pledge to again show 100% participation at an International Convention. At that time, a proclamation was drafted that pledged this attendance, and challenged the other clubs in the host District 6980 to do the same. We had no takers!!! To our knowledge, the Eustis Club was the only club in the world to have 100% participation at the 1992 convention.
That also means that Eustis is the only club in the world, again to our knowledge, that has ever had 100% participation at 3 different International Conventions. Quite an achievement for "LIL' OL' EUSTIS", eh??? (Compiled and printed in the 1993 Rotary Cookbook 70th Anniversary Edition).
Eustis won the cup in 1992 in Orlando for 100 % attendance--click on

During the early years of the club, another honor was bestowed upon the club when Paul Harris, the Founder of Rotary, decided to visit Lake County. While in Lake County, Paul Harris "made up" his attendance at The Rotary Club of Eustis and, in fact, some of the early members were inducted into the club by Paul Harris, himself.
In 1973, the Rotary Club of Eustis celebrated its 50th, or "Golden" Anniversary by publishing a newspaper presenting the history of the club and picturing the "current", at that time, officers, directors and members. Of those members, nine are still active to this day.
During those ensuing years membership in the club reached a high of 92 member, but as times and circumstance changed a decline in enrollment occurred as it did in the neighboring clubs.

Mount Dora[edit]

The Rotary Club of Mount Dora was chartered in on the 19th of March 1954. The charter was presented at the Women's Club Building in Leesburg on 6 May 1954. District 244 Governor Malcolm Duggan and sponsoring club president, William J. Rumley of Leesburg Club. Dr Charles E Brown tired of having to make-up in neighboring cities to maintain 100% so he was the instigator. The initial meeting of the club was held on March 19, 1954 at the Grandview Hotel.
First Board of Rotary Club of Mount Dora

The district designation changed over time from 244, to 696, to 695 in 1977. In 2014, it is 6980.

The RCMD has had a great impact on the health and welfare of the community.

  • They provided the fire department with a fully equipped rescue boat and later put in a larger engine and updated the controls.
  • They formed a non-profit corporation and purchased ($8,000), operated, and managed a nursing home. Once operational, the nursing home was turned over to private ownership.

Nursing home built and operated by Rotary Club of Mount Dora.

  • Funded a student dormitory room at Florida State University for a needy student.
  • With other clubs in the District, improved Boy Scout Camp La-No-Che, built a new dining hall, and installed a six foot Rotary emblem in the main floor.
  • They arranged for plastic surgery and orthodontic surgery for disfigured teenage girl.
  • Bought 4-H project feeder calves for the children at the Christian Home & Bible School. Additionally, provided choir robes, added to the library, put curtains in the auditorium, and bought contact lenses for a student who couldn't wear glasses.

1980s Remembered[edit]

1981--Former president, Brandon Wald, at age 92, recalls a District Governor of Seville, Spain visiting Mount Dora in 1981. Sam Adams, local Rotarian, had a large on Lake Dora. After a receptions at the home, DG Xavier, Brandon, and Sam sat outside on the veranda for a few adult beverages. After the visiting DG had his third beverage he suddenly sat up erect, opened his eyes wide and said, "I'm hallucinating. I must return to the hotel at once!" He had seen an elephant 'skiing' past the house on a barge. A movie company was filming "Honky Tonk Highway" and was filming the scene where the elephant was skiing on the lake. Sam and Brandon have repeated their terrific story for over three decades. (Oral history from Brandon Wald, 2014 12 19, DrO.)

In 1989, the club donated the lamp, planter, and placed a plaque that states, 'Donated by Rotary Club of Mount Dora 1989' at the Mount Dora part Simpson Cove, 311 South Tremain Street, Mount Dora, FL.

Donated light and garden at Mount Dora City park at Simpson Cove--click on


In 1972 the Rotary Club of Tavares formed.

Merger of Three Grand Clubs[edit]

Members at the merger erecting the new club name signage in front of the meeting location.

The leaders of the three Golden Triangle club Eustis, Mount Dora, and Tavares met and jointly worked out a plan to keep ROTARY alive and active in our communities. On August 28, 2012 the combined clubs began meeting together. A committee of six, two from each club, have continued to aid this transition. The existing officers of the three clubs were presented on a ballot on September 18 and from those 30 officers and board members a new team of officers and board members was selected for the ROTARY CLUB OF LAKE COUNTY GOLDEN TRIANGLE. Each of the club will continue with preplanned activities and project through the balance of the year. As called for in the By-Laws a new slate of officers and board members will be selected in December for 2013-2014 year.

On October 30, 2012, RI granted the Rotary Club of Lake County Golden Triangle permission to operate on the charter of the oldest club, The Rotary Club of Eustis. On October 30, 2012 three clubs, Eustis, Tavares, and Mount Dora, merged to form the Rotary Club of Lake County Golden Triangle under the 1923 Eustis Charter.

Lake County Golden Triangle[edit]

In January/February 2013 The Rotary Club of Eustis celebrated its 90th birthday as the newly formed Rotary Club of Lake County Golden Triangle. A grand celebration was held with the Lake Eustis Chamber of Commerce.

On the 28th of October 2014 the RClCGT celebrated the over 200 years of service by our nonagenarians.

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Societal Contributions—Avenues of Service[edit]

Community Service[edit]

Central Florida Dragon Boat Festival (2014)
  • Presents the Central Florida Dragon Boat Festival raising funds for all charitable endeavors.
  • Organize the Mount Dora Independence Day Parade and festivities
  • Participates in local improvement and beautification projects

International Service[edit]

  • Contributes to worldwide service projects as Paul Harris Fellows (2014-35 members with 55 PHF total among them)
  • Donates to Rotary International’s PolioPlus program that has nearly eradicated of polio worldwide
  • Supports the Rotary International Youth Exchange program

Club Service[edit]

  • Leon Hamilton, former Assistant District Governor
  • Kathy Yarbrough, Assistant District Governor 2014-2015
  • Members provide services to District 6980 at events held at our club house
  • 2015 March 13-14 hosting a Rotary District event with Rotary International President Gary C. K. Huang, 2014-2015

Vocational Service[edit]

  • Supports the Rotary International Group Exchange program--(2013-Czech Republic and Slovakia, 2015-Taiwan)

Youth Service[edit]

  • Awards multiple scholarships annually for college-bound high school graduates (2014-$10,000 to 5 students)
  • Provides Christmas presents and a party for residents of Christian Home and Bible School' Mount Dora Children's Home
  • Supports the Lake County Take Stock in Children program
  • Supports Cub Scout Pack 66 at Triangle Elementary for special needs students
  • Provide sponsorship and volunteers for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Bowl (STEM) for third, fourth, and fifth grade students in Lake County
  • Sponsors students to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), focusing on citizenship and leadership qualities in high school students (2014-awarded 8 students and provided Rotarian leadership)
  • Clubs sponsored
    • Sponsors a youth club of Lake County Golden Triangle with the intention to charter as an Interact Club
  • Donates books signed by each speaker to local schools and libraries


There was Eustis![edit]

Eustis Club Presidents 1923-24 Harry C. Hannah 1924-25 Will M. Igou
1925-26 H. Ray Ferran 1926-27 Ike N. Kennedy 1927-28 Charles Isted 1928-29 Ansil D. Miller 1929-30 Harry Ferran
1930-31 Rufe Ashmore 1931-32 Carl Ferran 1932-33 Jim O'Neal 1933-34 Dolph Keene 1934-35 Gene Burrell
1935-36 Rick Rickmam 1936-37 Jack Hughston 1937-38 Jim Koonce 1938-39 Dr. M.M. Hannum 1939-40 Harry Gaylord
1940-41 O. B. Koonce 1941-42 Lawrence Stockwell 1942-43 Robert Ferran 1943-44 John Mowery 1944-45 Henry Scheider
1945-46 Kirk Kirkpatrick 1946-47 C. F. Moore 1947-48 Winston K. Pendleton 1948-49 Roy Sample 1949-50 D. A. Monteith
1950-51 A. L. Burgreen 1951-52 T. Stin Haselton 1952-53 Tom Wigelsworth

Then there was Eustis and Mount Dora![edit]

Eustis 1953-54 Jeff Jeffries 1954-55 Clayton DePew 1955-56 Lawrence Hughes 1956-57 John Wilkerson 1957-58 Gordon Durrance
Mount Dora 1953-1954 Chartered 1954-55 Dr Charles E Brown 1955-56 Philip E Lindsay 1956-57 Harry Mielke 1957-58 Lester C Doerr
Eustis 1958-59 Lamar Lane 1959-60 J. R. B. Hiltz 1960-61 John W. Strange 1961-62 John van Der Laag 1962-63 Dr. Dale Thomas
Mount Dora 1958-59 Arnold C Haynes 1959-60 1960-61 Francis F Henderson 1961-62 A V Martin 1962-63 Thomas R Champion
Eustis 1963-64 E. J. Nicol 1964-65 Harry A. Holstein 1965-66 E. L. Williams 1966-67 Robert Orndorff 1967-68 Wilson Sheppard
Mount Dora 1963-64 Al W Rehbaum III 1964-65 John P Richmond 1965-66 L Grady Simpson 1966-67 Dr James K Brandt 1967-68 Clifford A Harden
Eustis 1968-69 William S. Walter 1969-70 William J. Church 1970-71 John C. Maimone 1971-72 Davis H. Barringer 1972-73 Richard Paul
Mount Dora 1968-69 G R Wright 1969-70 Donald B Taylor 1970-71 Wilson G Sheppard 1971-72 Clifford A Harden 1972-73 Henry W Link Jr

Then there was Eustis, Mount Dora, and Tavares![edit]

Eustis 1973-74 Roger Pickering 1974-75 William Furnas 1975-76 Leon Hamilton 1976-77 Clayton Bishop 1977-78 Barry Larsen
Mount Dora 1973-74 James Harmon Hunt 1974-75 Chester A Callero 1975-76 Laurence A Sistrunk 1976-77 Gary E Bray 1977-78 Reuben H Dickman
Tavares 1973-74 John Ragan 1974-75 Ed Hurston 1975-76 Wayne Barringham 1976-77 Howard Durden 1977-78 John F MacFarlane
Eustis 1978-79 1979-80 Roger Pickering 1980-81 Howard Hitchcock 1981-82 Harry Glass 1982-83 Fred Terry
Mount Dora 1978-79 1979-80 1980-81 1981-82 William O. Boyd 1982-83 Dr. C. William Frau
Tavares 1978-79 James A Adler 1979-80 Jack C Eaton 1980-81 Martin Campbell 1981-82 Martin Campbell 1982-83 Jack Rayburn
Eustis 1983-84 Gary Simmons 1984-85 1985-86 1986-87 Jack Pritchett 1987-88 Wayne Bailey
Mount Dora 1983-84 1984-85 Dr Ralph Allen 1985-86 Robert Race 1986-87 David Ragan 1987-88 Heywood Gordon
Tavares 1983-84 Joseph Gaynor 1984-85 John McLeod 1985-86 Robert Abernathy 1986-87 Roger M Belli 1987-88 Robert Cook
Eustis 1988-89 Fred Rhordantz 1989-90 Jim Fisher 1990-91 Bob Humphrey 1991-92 Jim Ferguson 1992-93 Ken Carpenter
Mount Dora 1988-89 1989-90 1990-91 Matthew 1991-92 Kevin Batliner 1992-93
Tavares 1988-89 Walter Allen 1989-90 Philip Symonds 1990-91 Jack Eaton 1991-92 Ralph Othus 1992-93 LaVelle Miller
Eustis 1993-94 "Hank" Schneider 1994-95 Don Oliver 1995-96 Mike Bakich 1996-97 "Buddy" Buie 1997-98 Jim Budzynski
Mount Dora 1993-94 Dr James Moore 1994-95 Jean Karr 1995-96 1996-97 Win Pendleton 1997-98 Dr Clifford Shooker
Tavares 1993-94 Bufford Jones 1994-95 Rebecca Claffy 1995-96 D. Ernie Click 1996-97 Norbert Thomas 1997-98 Fletcher Smith
Eustis 1998-99 Gary Lashley 1999-2000 Gary Stoltz 2000-01 Ray Taylor 2001-02 2002-03
Mount Dora 1998-99 1999-2000 2000-01 William Delecorte 2001-02 Stephanie Haimes 2002-03
Tavares 1998-99 Jeffrey Gregory 1999-2000 Earl Youman 2000-01 David Lanier 2001-02 Glenny Barber 2002-03 Franklin Klohn
Eustis 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08
Mount Dora 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08
Tavares 2003-04 Terry Seawall 2004-05 Terry Seawall 2005-06 Norbert Thomas 2006-07 Rebecca Sargent 2007-08 Richard Keith
Eustis 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12
Mount Dora 2008-09 John Pease IV 2009-10 Greg Collier 2010-11 Jack Humphrey 2011-12 Jodie McEwen
Tavares 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 Kathy Yarbrough

Then there was Lake County Golden Triangle[edit]

2012-2013 Ted Innes 2013-2014 Chuck Hiott 2014-2015 Angelo Perciballi
2015-2016 Shane Sherman 2016-2017 Ted Williams 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020
Chuck Hiott Club of the Year Award--click on
  • 2012-13--Ted Innes, Musician and Entrepreneur,
100% EREY, Member attended District Conference to Bahamas to deliver school supplies, Member attended International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2013-14--Chuck Hiott, Civil Engineer, BESH
District Club of the Year, Funded 1 and a half ShelterBox USA tent kits, Sponsored 8 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards to deserving teens, Awarded 5 $2,000 college scholarships to Golden Triangle students, Packed 3,456 in 2 hours for District 6980 Hunger Schmunger Event, Speakers included, Rotary Foundation Zone 34 representative, Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders, Paul Hiott Florida Veterans Affairs, Jack McDonald--Vietnam Veteran, Rotarian Nils Swanson--Psychologist
  • 2014-15--Angelo Perciballi, Major General USAF, RET.
Angelo and Joanie Perciballi--click on
100% Sustaining, 100% EREY
Nine new Rotary Marks of Excellence road and meeting information signs were planned erected around the district by Sidney Wright, Richard Guckenberger, Bernie Greenberg, and Phyllis M. Olmstead.
Richard Guckenberger and Sidney Wright--click on
Perciballi, Smith, Webster, Olmstead, Weber, Jiang-click on
President Gary CK Huang and Mrs. Corrina Huang visited our club's 13th Annual Dragon Boat Festival. He, US Congressman Daniel Webster, Mayor Kirby Smith, Elliot Jiang Rep of the Taiwan Economic office of the Miami Embassy, District Governor Jo Weber, and Angelo Perciballi planted a Friendship Tree. More information is on the Rotary District 6980 Foundation Events page.
Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang planted a Friendship Tree in Wooton Park, Tavares, FL--click on

. Video of President Huang's traditions of honoring people or things and his Happy Clap practice.

Meetings and Information[edit]

Please join us at our weekly meeting! Tuesday of each week at 11:45 a.m.
Lake Receptions 445 N Hwy 19a, Mount Dora, FL 32756 USA

Contact us at Rotary Club of Lake County Golden Triangle

P.O. Box 1639

Mount Dora, FL 32756-1639 USA
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