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Rotary Club of Moriarty[edit]

Club Archive Report

Thanks to the District Attorney's Office ted 12/11/2010

Date 4/25/1948

Description Genealogy of Moriarty Rotary Club

Details Chicago, No.1, Rotary Club, February 23, 1905

Rotary International, June 6, 1922

1) El Paso Rotary Club (No.119) June 1, 1914 begat

2) Mountainair Rotary Club (No.3381) October 23,

             1930 begat

3) Estancia Rotary Club (No.5388) May 17, 1941


4) Moriarty Rotary Club, (No.6942) May 21, 1948.

             The Moriarty Rotary Club tried to begat a Rotary
             Club in Ceder Crest in 1992.  Extension Committee
             members were George Wheeler, Gary King, Dennis
             Wallin, Pat Vanderpool, and Laurence Budd.

Date         4/26/1948
Description  Organization Date for Moriarty Rotary Club
Details      Seventeen charter members organized and submitted
             their request for membership to Rotary
             International on April 26, 1948. 

             The Rotary Club of Estancia sponsored Moriarty
             Rotary Club.  
             Jerry Willaims, Ernest Hawkins and Mel Grissom had
             belonged to the Estancia Rotary Club prior to the
             Morairty Club being organized. 

             Co-sponsor's are the Rotary Clubs from Mountainair
             , Vaughn, Santa Rosa and Albuquerque.

             The District Governor was H. C. Pannell -
             Superintendent of Schools, Lovington, New Mexico.
             The District Governor's Special Representative was
             J. Ernest Ayers - Estancia Rotary Club.
             The seventeen charter members were:
             President Gerald R. Williams, Chief C.A.A. of Otto
             Vice President and Treasurer Ernest Hawkins, Real
             Estate Developer;
             Secretary Mel Grissom, Principle of Moriarty
             Sargent at Arms John McDonald , Barber;
             Board of Director, C.E. (Pete) Burch, Methodist
             Board of Director, Lawrence Groff, Livestock;
             Board of Director, Walter M. Hughes, Farmer;
             Board of Director, John Landon, Mercantile Retail;
             Board of Director, Clyde Miller, Superintendent of
             Stanley School;
             Board of Director, C. Frank O'Neal, Cattle Breeder
             Board of Director, J.F. (Bud) Tillery, Jr.
             Other members are:
             Fred Johnson, Sr., Bus Depot Agent;
             H.O. (Blackie) Ingram, Restauraunt Buiness;
             Tally Cook, Rancher;
             John Smith, Baptist Minister;
             Cliff L. Kelly, Cafe Manager;
             Garland Tillery, Gasoline Retail
             Mose Damron 
  Clifford Johnson

Date         4/27/1948
Description  IRS EIN Employer Identification Numbere
Details      85-6016419 per reply refer to: 18166899 July 06,
             1988 Letter 147C

Date         5/21/1948
Description  Charter Date with Rotary International
Details      The Rotary Club of Moriarty, New Mexico and
             seventeen charter members were admitted to
             membership in Rotary International.  

             The Rotary Club of Moriarty, New Mexico is
             assigned Charter number 6942 and part of District
             115. As the number of clubs increased, the Rotary
             District boundaries and number changed to 170 in
             1949, to District 552 in 1957, and to 5520 in 1991

             Charter night was held in the Moriarty High School
             gymnasium and a chuck wagon dinner was served. Mrs
             . Willie Pogue (Elaine Pogue's mother-in-law) was
             in charge of decorations and Frank O'Neal assisted
             Willie Pogue with decorating the gym, the chuck
             wagon and the western theme. The club meetings
             were held in the Thunderbird Cafe (Buford Cafe) in

             The Moriarty Rotary Club's meetings were held in
             the Thunderbird (Buford) Cafe in Moriarty.
Date         5/21/1948
Description  President Gerald (Jerry) R. Williams, 1948-49
Details      First Moriarty Rotary Club President.  Chief of
             the F.A.A. at Otto Airport located south of
             Belonged to the Estancia Rotary Club prior to the
             Moriarty Club being organized. 
             Jerry was the last surviving charter member,
             passing away in 1996.
             His wife, Thelma, was a school teacher at the High
             School for many years. 

They moved to Farmington.

Date         12/31/1948


Details Supporting the incorporation of the Town of Moriarty, Participating with the Chamber of Commerce in providing Christmas decorations for the town, Assisting with Coffee Breaks for Travelers using Highway 66 during the Holiday week ends, Providing a Santa Claus and treats for youths of the community at Christmas time, Hosting get acquainted meetings honoring new

             teachers each year for the Moriarty school system.

Date 12/31/1948

Description Best known club events SUPPORTING YOUTH

Details Interact Club organized in 1970 at Moriarty High

             School with Rotarian Roy George - High School
             Counselor serving as the school sponsor,
             Assisted with organizing the Boy Scouts of America
             troop in 1958,              Assisted with organizing the Cub Scout Pack in
             1982,              Supported the Future Farmers of America, and the
             Future Homemakers of America,              Supported the 4-H Clubs,               Support the Office Education Association of
             Moriarty High School with their activities,
             Supported the Moriarty School's Athletic Team
             Supported an outstanding High School Junior to
             Boys and Girls State each year since 1963 in
             cooperation with the local American Legion Post,
             Supported the Little League Baseball Teams of the

Date 12/31/1948

Description Most effective INTERNATIONAL SERVICE Projects

Details Student Exchange Program (see 1975 to present), Rotary International Health, Hunger and Humanity program (see 1979), Group Study Exchange, GSE, sponsor (see 1982), Rotary Foundation activities, 200% club (see 1980), Paul Harris Fellow awards (see 1977, 1981, 1983, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994), Benefactors (see 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995).

Date 12/31/1948


Details The avenue of service dealing with pride in our

             professions and performing it in an upright and
             honorable manner consistent with the Four-Way Test

             Annual Rural-Urban meetings,

             Annual non-Rotarian fellowship and exchange of
             vocational ideas,

             Annual Career Information Day at the Moriarty High

             Monthly Magazine Subscriptions for the Moriarty
             High School Library since 1958.
Date         12/31/1948
Details      The Rotary Ann's have provided the Club with the
             past president's wall plaque and the names of the
             out-going president.

             The club has been honoring the Rotary Ann's with
             an annual Valentine's Party and a Christmas

Date         12/31/1948
Details      Mike Anaya, Senior Active, Paul Harris Fellow,
             President 1957-58; started 1949.
             James W. Chaney, Senior Active, Paul Harris Fellow
             , President 1953-54; started 1948.
             C. W. (Bill) Dunn, Senior Active, President
             1980-81, started 1976, passed away in 1988.
             Robert B. Durham, Senior Active, President 1968-69
             ; started 1965, passed away in 1989.
             E. C. Fullingim, Senior Active, Paul Harris Fellow
             , President 1969-70; started 1962; passed June
             Fred Hill, Senior Active, President 1979-80;
             started 1974.
             Sam King, Senior Acive, Paul Harris Fellow;
             started 1964.
             Charles W. Morrison, Senior Active, President
             1959-60; started 1956, moved to Alb.'s Club in
             1988 due      to a need for medical attention.
             J. T. Turner, Senior Active, Paul Harris Fellow,
             President 1966-67.
             Jerry Williams,  Senior Active, Paul Harris Fellow
             , President 1982-1983; passed away in 1996.

Date         12/31/1948
Details      George Anderson, August 1977 (Calif. club)
             Sam King, March 9, 1981
             Chuck Morrison, November 21, 1983
             J. T. Turner, September 21, 1987
             Jim Chaney,  29 July 1988
             Mike Anaya, 21 August 1989
             Bob Durham, 30 May 1990
             E. C. Fullinghim, 4 April 1991
             George Wheeler, 1991-1992
             Bill Degroot, 20 September 1991
             Janrae DeGroot, 4 February 1993
             Wilda Smith Kimble, 4 February 1993
             Harlan Lawson, September 9, 1996 (Wash., D.C.
             club) presented by Moriarty Rotary Club
             Patricia Ayre, May 22, 1999
             Brent Bateman, May 22, 1999
             Eileen Chavez, May 22, 1999
             Raymond Dennis, May 22, 1999
             Fred Hill, May 22, 1999
             Steve Jones, May 22, 1999
             Bruce King, May 22, 1999
             Dan Sowle, May 22, 1999
             Sally Teasdale, May 22, 1999
Date         12/31/1948
Description  BENEFACTORS
Details      William (Bill) DeGroot, 8 June 1990
             Pat Vanderpool, 8 June 1990
             Dennis Wallin, 10 May 1991
             Janrae DeGroot, 10 April 1992
             Steve Harrington, 30 June 1993
             Orrin McLeod, 30 June 1993
             Dan Sowle, 7 December 1993
             Dennis (Brent) Bateman, 8 January 1994
             Sally Teasdale, 17 May 1995
             Charles McMillian, 27 March 1996
             Morine Y. Fullingim, 5 November 1997

Date         7/1/1949
Description  President Earnest Hawkins, 1949-50
Details      Earnest managed the old Trading Company.  He was
             State Senator and served as Councilman and Mayor
             for many years.  Ernest has passed away.
             The 1949 theme was four (4) long objectives!

Date         7/2/1949
Description  DISTRICT GOVERNOR Ray Stallings
Details      Ray Stallings, Past District Governor and
             Superintendent of Moriarty Schools, contributed to
             the success and the outstanding achievements of
             the Moriarty Rotary Club for fourteen years from
             1949 to 1963. Ray was the driving force and was
             very instrumental in getting the City of Moriarty

Date         7/1/1950
Description  President Walter M. Hughes, 1950-51
Details      A pioneer in the valley, Walter served many years
             on the school board.  He farmed a few acres south
             of town, now the Marciano place.  Walter has
             passed away.
             Theme: In Club Service we must beget our heirs, In
             Vocational Service honesty is still the best
             policy, In Community Service we can plan for the
             future, In International Service we must reexamine
             our world.

Date         7/1/1951
Description  President John F. Landon, 1951-52
Details      John was a part owner in the Moriarty Trading
             Company.  He started the Landon Store in Stanley.
             John live in Oklahoma.

Date         7/1/1952
Description  President Dave R. Thornburg, Jr., 1952-53
Details      Mike Anaya remembers Dave as a well dressed
             gentleman farmer.
             He moved to South America.  He died very young.

Date         7/1/1953
Description  President James W. Chaney, 1953-54
Details      Senior Active and Rotarian since 1948, proposed by
             Gerald "Jerry" Williams the first Moriarty Rotary
             Club President.  Classification is Ranching.  Jim
             came here with the valley's irrigation project
             and stayed.  For many years, Jim, worked
             diligently with the State's Soil Conservation
             Committee and was a member of the State Highway
             Commission.  Jim was a Prisoner Of War, surviving
             the Bataan Death March.  Jim passed on August 7,
             1998 at the age of 82 and 11 months.  Jim is
             survived by his wife Nona, daughter Cathy and two
             grand children.

             Rotarian for 50 years and 7 months.  Rotary member
             number 420442-1, PHF number 555030

             Paul Harris Fellow given and award by Moriarty
             Rotary Club on July 28, 1988.

             1953-1954 Rotary Theme: Rotary is Hope in Action. 
             This is the first year that RI had a theme. For
             all Themes see: http://www.rotaryhistoryfellowship

Date         7/2/1953
Description  Annual THEMES for Rotary International
Details      For all RI Themes see: 
             1959-1960 is the first year that RI had a Graphic
             to go along with the theme.

Date         7/1/1954
Description  President William (Bill) R. Woods, 1954-55
Details      Bill was in the auto parts business.  He was
             located east of town, the business is still there
             but with a different owner.  There home is still
             in Moriarty.  Bill and his wife Clarice spend
             their time in their mobile home traveling around.
             Theme: Glean from the past and act, share with
             ours, build with Rotary's 4-Way Test, serving
             youth, International good will, and good Rotarians
             are good citizens.

Date         7/1/1955
Description  President  Sam Salvo, 1955-56
Details      Sam came to town as a grade school principal.  His
             wife Eleanor taught at the high school for many
             years.  They moved to Santa Fe and worked in that
             school system until they retired.  Sam is now a
             greeter at Walmart in Santa Fe.
             Theme: Develop our Resources.

Date         7/1/1956
Description  President Eugene (Gene) K. Hanks, 1956-57
Details      Senior Active and Rotarian since 1954.  Gene and
             Hazel purchased the Lariat Lodge and operated it
             for many years .  Gene was Justice of the Peace
             for many years.  After Hazel died, Gene moved to
             Texas with his son.  Gene has passed away.
             Theme: Keep Rotary simple, More Rotary in
             Rotarians, Learn More About Each Other.

Date         7/1/1957
Description  President Mike Anaya, 1957-58
Details      Senior Active and Rotarian since 1949.
             Classification is Groceries.  Mike served twenty
             years as a Councilman and other non-paying jobs.
             Mike is still running his business and has no
             plans to go anywhere!
             Theme: Enlist-Extend-Explore-Serve

Date         2/1/1958
Description  Rural-Urban Annual Meeting
Details      Every year in February the Moriarty Rotary Club has
             had a Rural-Urban Annual meeting.  Each Rotarian
             invites a non-Rotarian for fellowship and exchange
             of vocational ideas.

Date         7/1/1958
Description  President  Ray E. Johnston, 1958-59
Details      Ray was an electrician by trade.  He and J. C.
             Alderson owned Bufford Pump which was located in
             the purple building behind the video store on
             Route 66.  Ray served as mayor for many years and
             still resides in Moriarty with his wife Mildred.
             Theme: Help Shape the Future.

Date         7/2/1958
Description  Boy Scouts of America Troop Organized
Details      The club supported and assisted in the
             organization of the Boy Scouts of America Troop.
Date         7/2/1958
Description  Moriarty High School Rotarian Magazine Subscription
Details      Each month for every year since 1958 the Moriarty
             Rotary Club has paid for a subscription the
             "ROTARIAN" for the Moriarty High School Library.

Date         7/1/1959
Description  President Charles W. Morrison, 1959-60
Details      Senior Active and Rotarian since 1956.  
             Paul Harris Fellow, November 21, 1983.
             Charles moved his family to Moriarty when he
             accepted a position as AG teacher for the Moriarty
             schools.  He and his wife, Pauline, moved to
             Albuquerque in 1988 to be closer to medical
             facilities.  Charles served as Club Secretary for
             many years and organized most of the Club's
             Theme: Vitalize! Personalize! Build Bridges of
             Friendship! This is the first year that RI had a
             Graphic to go along with the theme.

Date         7/2/1959
Description  Career Information Day for Moriarty High School
Details      Rotarians participate annually in the Moriarty
             High School's Career Information Day.  
             This is the avenue of service called Vocational
             Service that details with pride in our profession
             and performing it in an upright and honorable

Date         7/6/1959
Description  First "Moriartian" Bulletin
Details      William (Bill) H. Phillips, Moriarty High School
             Principal, was the first editor of the
             "Moriartian" bulletin.  

             In the interest of sharing information and ideas,
             the Moriartian is being exchanged with nine other
             district clubs.

             Many fines were collected from Bill as the result
             of the spelling (and other) errors that Club
             Rotarians kept finding!

             The Moriartian has won awards in 1962, 1963, 1964,
             and 1989.

Date         9/14/1959
Description  State Rep. Bruce King is the Club's Program
Details      Jim Chaney invited Santa Fe State Representative
             Bruce King to speak to the club on the subject of
             Agriculture.  Bruce has been a favorite and
             frequently requested speaker over the years.

Date         2/15/1960
Description  Rotary Ann's Valentine Parties
Details      Each February the Rotary Ann's honor thier
             Rotarian husbands with a Valentine's  Party and
             Rotary gift item to the club.

             The Rotary Ann's have provided a Past President
             Wall Plaque to add the names of the outgoing
             President to the list.  

             A Guest Register, among other items, were
             presented each year to the club by the Rotary Anns

             The Rotary Ann's have participated in the annual
             Christmas programs and other special activities.

Date         7/1/1960
Description  President William (Bill) M. Wilson, 1960-61
Details      District Governor Travis Stovall.  BIll and his
             son, Wally, bought and operated the Moriarty
             Trading Company.  Bill owned stores in San Juan
             Pueblo and La Petaca prior to coming to Moriarty.
             Bill and Wally have both died.
             Theme: You are Rotary - Live It! Express It! -
             Expand It!

Date         7/1/1961
Description  President William H. Phillips, 1961-62
Details      Bill and his family came to Moriarty as a school
             teacher and soon became Superintendent.  
             The District Governor is Ed Schmidt.  He met with
             the Moriarty Club on December 4, 1961.
             The Rotary International Convention meets this
             year in Los Angeles, California, USA from June 2 -
             7 , 1962.

Date         8/14/1961
Description  Rotary Signs for Hwy 41
Details      The Club's Board of Directors adopted  the project
             of putting Rotary Club signs on Hwy 41 and to move
             the Route 66 signs closer to the road.

Date         9/4/1961
Description  Annual Steak Fry to Welcome New School Teachers
Details      Each fall the Rotarians would meet at differing
             location to Fry Steaks.
             This year the club meet on Sandia Crest.
             Spouses and new school teachers were invited.

Date         9/18/1961
Description  Rotary Club Meetings Move to Blackies
Details      The Board of Directors voted to move from the El
             Comedor to Blackies.
             The program was the "Arkansas Shower".  Steaks
             were served!

Date         3/2/1962
Description  Club Bulletin - Honorable Mention
Details      The "MORIARTIAN" club bulletin, edited by William
             H. Phillips - Moriarty High School Principal won
             an honorable mention in the District 552 Eagle
             Award Contest.

Date         7/1/1962
Description  President C.T. Butler, 1962-63
Details      C. T. and Dora operated school buses for years
             until they retired.  C. T. and Dora were founders
             of the Bethel Community Storehouse.  C. T. has
             died after a long illness.
             District Governor was W. (Bill) A. Adams, Jr.

Date         3/1/1963
Description  Club Bulletin - Runner Up - Eagle Award Contest
Details      The "MORIARTIAN" club bulletin, edited by William
             H. Phillips - Moriarty High School Principal won
             second place in the District 552 Eagle Award
             Contest. C. T. Butler was the club President.

Date         6/30/1963
Description  District Attendence Award for Second Place
Details      1962-63 Certificate of Award District 552, Second
             Place, District Attendence.

             W.A. Adams, Jr. was the District 552 Govener and C
             .T. Butler was the Moriarty Rotary Club President.

Date         7/1/1963
Description  President Robert O. Hensley, 1963-64
Details      Bob has worked for King's Butane probably since
             the business started.  Bob and Nela both come from
             pioneer families in this area.  They are both
             still living in Moriarty.
             District Governor was Dr. Dewey F. Langston.

Date         7/2/1963
Description  Boys and Girls State Sponsorship
Details      Every year since 1963 the Moriarty Rotary Club has
             been sponsoring an outstanding High School boy
             and/or girl Junior to attend the Boys and Girls
             State activity. Boys and Girls State is the local
             American Legion Post project.
Date         7/2/1963
Description  New Mexico Boys State Citations from 1963 to 1982
Details      The New Mexico Boys State presented the Moriarty
             Rotary Club with an annual Citation from 1963 to

Date         3/1/1964
Description  Club Attendance Merit Award
Details      The club was awarded second place in District 552
             attendance, the "Merit Award". Dewey F. Langston
             was District Governor and Robert O. Hensley was
             Club President.

Date         3/20/1964
Description  Club Bulletin - Honorable Mention
Details      The "MORIARTIAN" club bulletin, edited by B. A.
             Justice and Don Flemmings - Moriarty High School
             Principal won an honorable mention in the District
             552 Eagle Award Contest.

Date         7/1/1964
Description  President Donald Flemins, 1964-65
Details      Bob worked for Mike Anaya as a butcher when he
             moved to Moriarty.  He married Frankie Wright whos
             mother is an area pioneer, Bodie Gloss a
             postmistress!  Don has died with cancer.

Date         7/1/1965
Description  President William C. Riggs, 1965-66
Details      BIll was a distributor for Texaco.  He later went
             to work for Rip Griffin.  He is now retired but
             still works his cattle lot south of Moriarty.  His
             wife, Diane, operated a flower shop for years.
             Bill and Diane have dovoted a many hours with 4-H
             and FFA kids.

Date         7/1/1966
Description  President J. T. Turner, 1966-67
Details      Senior Active and Rotarian since 1963.  Curious
             Retailer.  J. T. operated several curio stores
             along 66.  The last one was what is now Dairy
             Queen in Edgewood.  J.T. was State Fair Board
             Chairman during the Toney Anaya Administration.
             He currently serves as Chairman of the Central New
             Mexico Electric Cooperative Board.

Date         7/1/1967
Description  President Clifton Edwards, 1967-68
Details      Cliff served as Superintendent of the Moriarty

Date         7/1/1968
Description  President Robert B. Durham, 1968-69
Details      Senior Active and Rotarian at Artesia and Moriarty
             , New Mexico Rotary Clubs since 1965.  Banker.
             Bob and Francis came to Moriarty to run the First
             National Bank of Belen.  As a  team they joined
             many organizations and were instrumental with many
             improvements in our community.  Bob had been a
             member of the Artesia Rotary Club from 1954 to
             Bob died of a heart attack on April 22, 1991 just
             before the Monday evening Rotary meeting.

Date         4/7/1969
Description  Best Attendance Merit Award for District 552
Details      The Moriarty Rotary Club received the award for
             best attendance in the district in 1968.  The club
             was in the top ten in the district for attendance
             for many years.

             January - June 1968:  Wilford McCormick was
             District Governor and Clifton Edwards was the
             Moriarty Rotary Club President.

             July -December 1968: Bob Durham was the Moriarty
             Rotary Club President.

Date         7/1/1969
Description  President E. C. Fullingim, 1969-70
Details      Senior Active and Rotarian since 1962.  Cattle
             Breeding.  E. C. served on the Soil Conservation
             Board and the School Board.  A buildiing on the
             Moriarty High School grounds is named after him.
             E. C. passed away June 1996.

Date         7/1/1970
Description  President D. O. Clark, 1970-71
Details      D. O. was the John Deere Dealer and later the
             manager of EMW Gas Assocation.  D. O.'s father
             owned what is now known as Indian Hills.  D. O.
             retired, traveled for years and then settled in
             Kingman, Arizona were he died with cancer.  The D.
             O. Clark home and John Deere Dealership was the
             red brick house just south of Moriarty.  Brent
             Bateman is his son-in-law.

Date         7/2/1970
Description  Interact Club Organized
Details      Rotarian Roy George, Moriarty High School
             Counselor served as the school's sponsor for this
             youth activity.

Date         7/1/1971
Description  President H. C. (Bill) Pogue, 1971-72
Details      Bill worked at Otto where he met Elaine.  After
             Otto closed, he built the Sunset Motel.  His
             mother ran a motel that was located behind the
             Village Work Basket.  Bill's mother was the
             community's Matriarch.  Bill died young.

Date         7/1/1972
Description  President J. C. Stephens, 1972-73
Details      J. C. farmed for until he moved to Albuquerque.  J
             . C. has passed away.

Date         5/21/1973
Description  25th Anniversary
Details      The club's twenty-fifth anniversary was held in
             the Moriarty Community Center. 

             The only charter member in attendence was Earnest

             The guest speaker was Wilfred McCormick,
             Albuquerque's Past District Governor of 552.  J. T
             . Turner was Wifred's personal representative
             during his term.

Date         7/1/1973
Description  President David W. King, 1973-74
Details      Rotarian since 1970.  Real Estate.
             Transferred to Santa Fe Rotary Club in 1992.
             The son of Sam King, David has been the State
             Treaasurer, Cabinet Secretary, etc.  David
             currently is a Realtor based in Edgewood.

Date         7/1/1974
Description  President R. W. (Dick) Mutz, 1974-75
Details      Dick's primary interest is in ranching but he was
             also involved in politics.  Dick served under
             David King.  Dick and his wife, Iva, sold their
             propery and moved to Questa.

Date         7/2/1974
Description  Future Farmers of America Appreciation Award
Details      Future Farmers of America presented the club with
             an Appreciation Award for 1974 to 1975.
Date         7/2/1974
Details      James McKenzie of Moriarty was the exchange
             student sent (FIRST OUTBOUND) to Japan for the
             1974 to 1975 school year.
             Glen Pryor, New Zealand,  was the guest of the
             club (FIRST INBOUND) for the 1975 to 1976 school
             year.  During this year the Moriarty club hosted
             all of the district's exchange students for three
             Glen lived with J. T. and Reece Turner and Mike
             and Mary Anaya.
             Mark Callahan was the guest of the club from
             Australia for the 1977 to 1978 school year.
             Marc Perilleux from Luga, Belgium was shared with
             the Mountainair Club for the 1982 to 1983 school
             year. Marc attended school in Mountainair.
             Louise McCance-Price spends the 1990-1991 year
             with the club.  Louise stayed with Mike Hoy and
             Nick Wallin.
             10 Dawn Ave.
             South Africa
             Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Claremont,
             District 935, South Africa
             Racheal Pinheiro visits for the 1991-1992 school
             Her host families are Brent Bateman, Orrin McLeod,
             Steve Jones and John Heckendorn.
             Racheal presented the club with the hanging walll
             picture plaque as she left for home.
             Racheal Pinheiro 
             Rua Antonio B. Menezes, 99 - Miranta
             Campina Grande
             Paraiba  58.100 
             Constantin von Wendt was hosted by Brent Bateman.
             Hauptstr U Adelebsen
             D37139  Germany

Date         7/3/1974
Description  Outbound Foreign Exchange Student - Japan
Details      James McKenzie of Moriarty was the exchange
             student sent to Japan for the 1974 to 1975 school

Date         7/1/1975
Description  President John B. Salvo, 1975-76
Details      John and Ann are from Tularosa.  John was
             Superintendent and Ann was a Choir Director.  John
             initiated building programs after many prior years
             of "standing still".  John and Ann are now
             involved in the motel business.

Date         7/2/1975
Description  FIRST Inbound Foreign Exch. Student - New Zealand
Details      Glen Pryor was the guest of the club for the 1975
             to 1976 school year.  During this year the
             Moriarty club hosted all of the district's
             exchange students for three days.  

             Glen lived with J. T. and Reece Turner and Mike
             and Mary Anaya.

Date         7/1/1976
Description  President Phil Kayser, 1976-77
Details      Phil moved to Moriarty from Mountainair.  He was a
             distributor for Toms Candy and Chips.  Tom has
             sold his business and has left Moriarty.

Date         7/2/1976
Description  Outbound Foreign Exchange Student - Brazil
Details      Janet Bauman of Moriarty was the exchange student
             sent to Brazil for the 1976 to 1977 school year.

Date         7/1/1977
Description  President Gene Green, 1977-78

Date         7/2/1977
Description  Inbound Foreign Exchange Student - Australia
Details      Mark Callahan was the guest of the club for the
             1977 to 1978 school year.

Date         8/1/1977
Description  FIRST Moriarty Club Member with PAUL HARRIS FELLOW
Details      George C. Andersen - Senior Active - Surgeon
             received recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow.  
             George had over fourty years of perfect attendance
             in Rotary.  Most of this time was in California
             before he moved o Moriarty.

Date         6/26/1978
Description  30th Anniversary
Details      The club's thirtieth anniversary was held in the
             Moriarty Communty Center.

             Charter members in attendance were Mel Grisson,
             Bud Tillery, Earnest Hawkins, Walter Hughes and
             Jerry Williams. 

             The guest speaker was Vince Ward - District
             Governor 552 elect from El Paso.

Date         7/1/1978
Description  President Emery Lea, 1978-79

Date         7/1/1979
Description  President Fred Hill, 1979-80
Details      Rotarian since 1974.  Building Contractor.

Date         7/2/1979
Description  RI Health, Hunger and Humanity
Details      The club contributed to this RI International

Date         10/9/1979
Description  New Mexico State University Appreciation
Details      New Mexico State University, NMSU, presented the
             club with an Appreciation Certificate for
             Outstanding Service to the 4-H Club program.

Date         7/1/1980
Description  President C. W. (Bill) Dunn, 1980-81
Details      Rotarian since 1976.  Ranch Management.
             Passed away in 1988.

Date         7/2/1980
Description  RI 200% Club
Details      For supporting Rotary International Foundation
             activities thoughout the years, the Moriarty
             Rotary Club was designated one of RI's 200% clubs.

Date         3/9/1981
Details      Sam King - Senior Active - Livestock Feeding -
             Received recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow.
             Sam King is the Moriarty Rotary Club's first Paul
             Harris Fellow.

Rotarian since 1964.

Date         7/1/1981
Description  President Amos Shasteen, 1981-82
Details      Rotarian since 1971.  Building Engineer.
             Lovington and Moriarty, New Mexico Rotary Clubs.
             Moved in 1984.

Date         7/2/1981
Description  New Mexico Girls Ranch established
Details      A $100.00 donation was given by the Moriarty
             Rotary Club to help get the New Mexico Girls Ranch
             at Lamy, New Mexico started.
Date         7/2/1981
Description  MHS Pinto Appreciation Citation
Details      Moriarty Rotary Club was presented with the Pinto
             Appreciation Citation for supporting MHS.

Date         7/1/1982
Description  President Dr. George C. Andersen, 1982-83
Details      Rotarian since 1941 at Hermosa Beach, California
             and Moriarty, New Mexico Rotary Clubs.  Surgeon.
             Club memebership is 18 at the beginning of the
             District Governor is Marvin Trembly, Belen,
             visited on August 09, 1983.
             George Andersen and Charles Morrison attended the
             District Conference in Las Cruces and Charles
             Morrison attended the District Assembly in Ruidoso
             The 35th anniversary is celebrated in conjunction
             with the Inter-city Meeting with 18 Rotarians
             visiting from the Estancia Rotary Club.

Date         7/2/1982
Description  Cub Scout Pack Organized
Details      The club supported and assisted in the
             organization of the Cub Scout Pack.

Date         7/2/1982
Description  Inbound Foreign Exchange Student - Belgium
Details      Marc Perilleux from Luga, Belgium was shared with
             the Mountainair Club for the 1982 to 1983 school
             year. Marc attended school in Mountainair.
Date         7/2/1982
Description  GSE sponsorship for Robert V. Jacobs
Details      The club sponsored Robert V. Jacobs, Associate
             Administrator, Presbyterian Hospital to go to
             Norway to represent our district 552.

Date         1/8/1983
Description  Club visits with Juarez and Chihuahau Rotary Clubs
Details      On August 8 to 10, 22 members made a three day
             trip to Juarez and Chihuahuaw.

Date         6/29/1983
Details      Mike Anaya - Supporting individuals in need within
             the community - 6/29/1983
             Jeanette Pruitt - Numerous Community Service
             Involvements - 1984-1985
             May Dannevik - Numerous Community Service
             Involvements - 1985-1986
             Mayor Elaine Pogue - Crosley Park Rotary Memorial
             Trees and Community Service - 5/10/1987
             Gene Young - Numerous Community Service activities
             including Country Western Band - 5/2/1988
             John and Rita Davis - Numerous Community Service
             Involvements - 1988-1989
             Dora Bulter - Bethel Community Storehouse
             Executive Director and Community Programs-
             Mayor Howard Cavasas - Extraordinary duty to the
             Community - 5/13/1991
             Mike Hoy - Numerous Community Service Involvements
             - 1992
             Pat Vanderpool - Numerous Community Inprovements
             and Future City and County Planning - 1993
             Elaine Pogue - Bring UNM classes to the East
             Mountain Areas - 4/21/1997
             Dr. James "Jim" Murlless - School District and
             Community related support - 3/30/1998

Date         7/1/1983
Description  President Rev. Brooks Ambos, 1983-84
Details      Rotarian and bulletin editor since 1979.  Minister
             , Bethel United Methodist Church.
             Transfered to Albuquerque's Convenant United
             Methodist Church in 1985.
             District Governor, Harold De Shurley, Roswell Club
             , official visit on July 11, 1983.

Date         1/1/1984
Description  Rotary Signage Placed at each of Four Highways
Details      Rotary signs with the meeting place were set at
             the East and West off exits of I-40 and North and
             South entrances into the town on Highway 41.

Date         2/14/1984
Description  Four Way Test Banner presented by Rotary Anns
Details      This year's annual Valentine's Day club meeting
             was held at Bella Vista in Cedar Crest.
             During the meeting, the Rotary Anns presented the
             club with there Four Way Test Banner.

Date         4/1/1984
Description  George Andersen donates $2,000 to C.N.M.Medical
Details      George Andersen donates $2,000 to Central New
             Mexico Medical Clinic in the name of the Moriarty
             Rotary Club for the purchase of an Autoclave Steam

Date         5/1/1984
Description  $7,500 donated for Community Service Projects
Details      $7,500 was donated from the Belen Rotary Club from
             the First National Bank of Belen art sale for
             distribution to three Community Service Projects
             to be selected by the Moriarty Rotary Club.
             Selection and distribution was as follows:
             1.  Moriarty Historial Society Museum    $2,700.
             2.  Central New Mexico Medical Clinic  $4,100.
             3.  Moriarty Library
             $   700.

Date         7/1/1984
Description  President Nick C. Wallin, 1984-1985
Details      Commerical Construction.
             District Governor, Si Nanninga. District
             Conference was in Albuquerque. Club attendees were
             Charles Morrison and Brooks Ambos.
             21 club members at the beginning of the year.

Date         7/1/1985
Description  President Larry Ruebush, 1985-86
Details      District Governor Earl Hathorn, Silver City,
             Official Visit on July 15, 1985.

Date         5/1/1986
Description  Outstanding Club Bulletin Certificate
Details      At the District Conference, the Moriarty Rotary
             Club was presented with a certificate for the
             Outstanding Club Bulletin.

Date         7/1/1986
Description  President Gene Young, 1986-87
Details      District Governor William Buhler, P.O.B. 151,
             Truth or Consequences, NM, 87901.
             Gary King's band provided the music for the 552
             District Governor's visit on 9/15/1986.
             A pictorial directory of the club's members was
             presented during the DG's visit.
             District Conference held in Las Cruces.
             Gene Young presents his outgoing officers with a
             western painting by Jerry Love.

Date         7/2/1986
Description  White Lakes Yacht Club Crews
Details      Crews: Buccaneers, Pirrates, Vikings, Voyagers,
             Whalers and the Boatswain!

Date         12/20/1986
Description  Rotary Sponsored Santa Claus
Details      Jerry King was Santa Claus.  110 bags of candy and
             fruit was handed out to kids.  Bags left over were
             given to the churches serving Christmas dinner.
             Jerry King was given a Certificate of Appreciation

Date         2/9/1987
Description  Rotary Anns Present 50 Rotary SONG BOOKS
Details      Traditionally, the Rotary Anns gave the club a
             gift at the Valentine's Day Dinner meeting.
             This year the Rotary Ann's gave 50 Rotary Song

Date         7/1/1987
Description  President Dr. William (Bill) DeGroot, 1987-88
Details      Bill is a UNM college professor. Bill served as
             5520 District Governor for 1991-1992.
             District Governor Neal Johnson, 2503 Sierra Vista
             Rd., Artesia, NM, 88210.

Date         1/1/1988
Details      George Andersen, 46 years
             Charles Morrison, 30 years
             Gene Hanks, 3 years
             David King, 3 years
             Jim Chaney, 2 years
             Fred Hill, 2 year
             Gene Young, 2 years
             Sam King, 1 year

Richard Cottrill, 1 year

Date         2/8/1988
Description  Dist.5520 Historical Archives
Details      Ref. letter Feb. 8, 1988 Harold E. DeShirley, PDG
             & Historian
             Permanent depository is the New Mexico State
             University Archives with archivist Dr. Austin
             Suggested collection items are Officers for each
             year, Club Bulletins, Report of Club Projects,
             Youth Activities, Club History, Special Awards,
             Fund Raising Projects, Pictures, Tapes, Videos,
             Sound, Movies.

Date         7/1/1988
Description  President Bill Larson, 1988-1989
Details      Rotary Theme is "Put Life into Rotary - Your Life"
             The RI President is Royce Abbey of Australia
             District Governor is Rex Brown of Roswell
             District Conference is in 
             The International Convention is in
             Highlights: Camp RYLA,, Dukes Baseball, Pinto Bean
             Fiesta Cookoff, Work Day at Edgewood Playground,
             Employer/Employee meeting, Thanksgiving, Dist. Gov
             . visit, Xmas party and Paul Harris Award, Santa
             Claus, Valentines party, Incoming Officer Training
             , Dist. Conf., Outstanding Citizen Award, Auction
             and Cow Plop, Officer Installation.
             Budget: Income $11,660. Expenses: $10,000.

Date         7/1/1989
Description  President Pat Vanderpool, 1989-1990
Details      Rotary Theme is ""
             The RI President is
             District Governor is Irving J. "Sonny" Brown of El
             District Conference is in 
             The International Convention is in


Date         3/5/1990
Details      This foundation was created by the Board of
             Directors on March 5, 1990.  
             The motion was made by Gary King and seconded by
             Dennis Wallin.  Motion Passed.

             On July 8, 1991, a motion was made that White Lake
             funds from memberships will go to MRC Foundation.
             The motion was made by Pat Vanderpool and seconded
             by George Wheeler.  Motion Passed.

             As a 501c3 foundation, the Moriarty Rotary
             Foundation was established to benefit Moriarty's
             community service projects.  In particular;
             expanding youth projects, funding scholarships,
             leadership camp, and anti-drug activities.  The
             foundation will receive monies from annual
             memberhip dues ($20), bequests, donations and fund
             raisers.  Earned interest can be used after $50
             ,000 is achieved and principal can be used after
             attaining $250,000. 

             Balance on 6/30/95 was $4,258.  Balance on on
             6/30/96 was $16,490.  As of 11/18/1996, $22,360 is
             invested in three CD's.  

Date         7/1/1990
Description  President George Wheeler, 1990-1991
Details      Rotary Theme is 
             The Rotary Motto is
             District Governor is Paul Herring.
             District Conference is in 
             The RI President is
             The International Convention is in


Date         7/2/1990
Description  Inbound Foreign Exchange Student - South Africa
Details      Louise McCance-Price spends the year with the club
             .  Louise stayed with Mike Hoy and Nick Wallin.
             10 Dawn Ave.
             South Africa
             Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Claremont,
             District 935, South Africa

Date         5/13/1991
Details      Tritt's Recycling - primarily for involving the
             entire community with recycling various materials
             - 1990
             Wallin Construction - Nick Wallin - primarily for
             upgrading Moriarty's housing situation - 5/13/1991
             Jr's Tires - "Jr" Padilla - primarily for
             sponsoring Moriarty School and community
             activities - 1992
             Moriarty Foods - primarily for sponsoring Moriarty
             School and community activities - 1993
             Sun Country Drug - primarily for sponsoring
             Moriarty School and community activities - 1997
             Dr. Stephen Harrington - primarily for being
             family orientated in both Moriarty and Edgewood -

Date         7/1/1991
Description  President Dennis Wallin, 1991-1992
Details      District Governor is Don Shuffstall.
             Rotary International Convention in Orlando, June
             14-17.  Bill DeGroot was nominated as our delegate
             Flowers are sent to Ernest Hawkins funeral.
             Sister club relationship established with the
             Rotary Club of El Paso del Norte.
             Exchange student from South Africa, Louise Price
             leaves for home and exchange student Rachel
             Pinheiro arrives from Brazil.
             The Nigirian GSE team visits the Moriarty Rotary
             Club by invitiation of Laurence Budd. (4/27/92)

Date         7/2/1991
Description  Inbound Foreign Exchange Student - Brazil
Details      Racheal Pinheiro visits for a school year.  
             Her host families are Brent Bateman, Orrin McLeod,
             Steve Jones and John Heckendorn.
             Racheal presented the club with the hanging walll
             picture plaque as she left for home.

             Racheal Pinheiro 
             Rua Antonio B. Menezes, 99 - Miranta
             Campina Grande
             Paraiba  58.100 

Brazil 011-83-322-8251

Date         11/13/1991
Description  State Volley Tourney
Details      The State Volley Tourney is held in Moriarty.  The
             Club works ticketing at the doors.

Date         5/4/1992
Description  Club Banner gets Re-Designed
Details      Since the club is nearly out of flags, Gene Young
             headed a  White Lakes "Design a Flag by Club"
             rather than a "Design by Committee" to come up
             with a new updated flag.

Date         5/29/1992
Description  MHS AAA State Baseball Tournament
Details      The New Mexico Activities Assocation NMAA letter
             dated May 29, 1992 from Dan Salzwedel, Executive
             Director, thanks the Moriarty Rotary Club for its
             efforts to help conduct this event.

Date         6/26/1992
Description  Installation of DISTRICT GOVERNOR Bill DeGroot
Details      Gary King's installation as 1992-1993 Club
             President was performed in conjunction with Bill
             DeGroot's installation as Governor for District

             Members and guests meet at the Moriarty Community
             Center at 7pm.  The evenings activities were
             called to order by the Moriarty Rotary Club
             President Dennis Wallin, 1991-1992.  The
             Presentation of the Colors was made by the
             Moriarty High School Junior ROTC.  Shelley Bateman
             played the piano while everyone sang God Bless
             America.  The Invocation was made by Pat
             Vanderpool.  After dinner, Governor Bruce King
             remarked to those in attendance.  The new Moriarty
             Club Officers where installed, followed by the
             installation of Bill DeGroot by Don Shuffstall the
             1991-1992 5520 District Governor.  Bill remarked
             to those in attendance before the night's

Date         7/1/1992
Description  President Gary King, 1992-1993
Details      District Governor is Moriarty Rotary Club's Dr.
             William (Bill) DeGroot.
             Gene Young is District Secretary.
             Steve Harrington heads World Fellowship Activties
             for the district.
             Laurence Budd is a member of the GSE, Group Study
             Exchange committee.
             George Wheeler is Alumni Chairman for the district
             Dan Sowle is the Club Bulletin Award Chairman.
             Theme and Song is "Real Happiness is Helping
             (Raymond Dennis was President of the Socorro
             Rotary Club.)
             Total Expenses:  $18,528;  Income:  Club
             Dues/Meals $36.00 x 27 = $11,664;  
             Needed from fund raisers $6,528.
             Elaine Pogue established the northeast corner of
             Moriarty's Crossley Park as a Rotary Memorial Park
             for 13 new trees representing one for every
             Rotarian in our District who had died this year.
             Elaine also    inherited the care and nuture of
             these trees for many years after their planting.
             Eileen Chavez' father passes away.

Date         7/18/1992
Description  1st Annual Salt Missions Trail Bike Tour
Details      John Chavez and his team from U.S. West made thre
             vans available.  At least 130 cyclists signed up
             for the tour.  Sponsors were The Harvard Bike
             House, Wild Oats Market, 94 Rock KZRR, O'Doul's
             and Crystal Springs.  Georgia and Glenn Overlander
             and John Booth supplied radios for the event.
             Rotarians positioned along the routes were John
             Maguire, Steve Jones, Gary King, Elaine Pogue,
             Sally Teasdale, Grant Preston, Eileen Chavez,
             Patty Ayre and Pat Vanderpool.

Date         9/14/1992
Description  Club to purchase GRILL and TENT
Details      The motion was put to the club to purchase a
             cooking grill for $950.  The motion passes.  A
             point of order is that this should be a board
             decision.  The board later concurs with the club's
             The Pirates donated tent legs provided the
             Sergeant of Arms (Mike Hoy) come and pick them up.

Date         10/12/1992
Description  PINTO BEAN FIESTA Bean Contest Winners
Details      1992
             1st) Gary King
             2nd) Frank Lasky (Lions Club)
             3rd) Elaine Pogue

Date         10/19/1992
Description  Russian Folk Group perform for Chernobyl kids
Details      Laurence Budd coordinated to have Rotary members
             attend the Russian Folk Group performing at Bethel
             United Methodist Church.  This fund raiser is
             paying for children's trips to America for kids
             who were over exposed to the radioactive fallout
             from the Chernobyl nuclear accident.  The children
             recieved American medical attention and a long
             visit to our "clean enviornment".

Date         11/2/1992
Description  Treasurer's Report (and Bean Fiesta Activity)
Details      General account balance as of 10-26-1992     $4
             Foundation account as of 9-23-1992
             Rotary spouses account as of 9-29-92
             Bean Fiesta Activity
             Deposit                                  $1,180.75
             less change                           -    400.00
             Contest entry fees                 +    160.00
             El Comedor chile beans         -      82.83
             Edgewood Lions 2nd place   -      25.00
             Sun Tile                                 -      71
             $   761.82

Date         7/1/1993
Description  President , Patricia (Patty) Ayre, 1993-1994
Details      District Governor is Albuquerque Club's Clark
             Theme: Believe in What You Do, Do What You Believe
             District Conference is in Santa Fe, May 12-14.
             RI Convention in Taipei, Taiwan, China, June 12-15
             Gary King has a car accident that cripples him
             with a walking limp for life.
             Jim Murlless' father passes away.  Elaine Pogue's
             brother passes away.  Eileen Chavez' aunt passes
             John Fishburn and Dale Kemper are present for
             their second Rotary meeting.
             Next month Dale Kemper will have surgery.
             Wild-Life West is introduced to the Rotary Club.
             Laurence Budd is the Circus Chairman and hosts the
             foriegn Philippinos at our club.
             Steve Jones presents five groups of MHS students
             at Slave Auction for a weekend of work.
             Christmas cards from Rachel Pinheiro and Bethel
             Community Storehouse are read to the club.
             Nine club members have 100% attendance.
             George Wheeler moves to Phoenix, AZ.
             The club receives Governor Clark Lovrien's 93-94
             Presidental Citation for Balanced Services.
             Brent Bateman and Dan Sowle recieve their
             Benefactor Awards.
             New Club banners (quantity 100) are re-designed
             and ordered by Gene Young.
             Club President's plaques are updated.

Date         7/2/1993
Description  Annual Club Budget - $15,228.00
Details      For the individual club member:
             Club dues: $12.00/month
             Meals: $6.50/week
             District Dues: $14.00/year
             National Dues: $19.50/semi-annually (includes the
             mandatory monthly Rotarian magazine)
             Annual Totals for the Club of 27 members:
             Club dues: $3,888.00
             Meals: $7,000.00
             District Dues: $440.00
             National Dues: $1,400.00
             Fund Raisers: $2,500.00
             Meals, RYLA, Foundation, National Dues, Youth
             Activities, Postage and Miscellaneous, 
             Student of the Month, District Dues, Donations,
             Boys/Girls State, Citizen/Business of the Year.
Date         7/2/1993
Description  CLUB DUES
Details      RI and District 5520 Dues are $17.50 every six
             The Rotarian Magizine is required and costs $6.00
             every six months.
             Monthly Club Dues are $12.00.  Once the Foundation
             is totally funded, then club dues could drop to $0
             Annual White Lakes Yacht Club Dues are $25.00
             minimum, higher rank can be purchased!
             Meals are $6.50 each evening even if you miss.
             Dinner is not billed if a makeup is turned in.
             A "just coffee or tea" option is substitutable at

Date         4/21/1994
Description  King-Royal Bros. 3 Ring Circus
Details      Laurence Budd is the club's Circus Chairman.  
             Two shows, 5 & 7 pm, tickets $4. children, $6.
             adults, tickets on sale at First National Bank,
             United NM Bank, Mike's Store, Moriarty Drug, H & R
             Block, and The Citizen.
             The baby circus elephant when visiting to Jelly
             Bean Junction and the Moriarty Elementary School.

Date         7/1/1994
Description  President Steve Harrington, 1994-1995
Details      District Governor is Richard (Dick) Matthews
             Theme:  Be a Friend
             District Conference in Alamogordo, May 11-13.  
             The International Convention is in Nice, France,
             June 11-14.
             Income: Club Dues $12.00 x 27, Meals $7,000.,
             District and National Dues $1,775., and
             Fund raisers $2,500.
             Total Expenses: $15,898.
             Steve H.'s daughter is born.
             Visiters from Wales visit with our club.  
             Several club members take a trip to Wales. (Patty,
             Laurence, Bill, Steve H.)
             Fifteen club members make a trip to visit the
             Juarez Rotary Club at a cost of $30/person and to
             see how    the $8,000 Matching Grant is being used
             ; wood working workshop tools. (4/21/95)
             Bob Ayre and John Fishburn work to get surplus
             school desk from back east to Juarez.
             Laurence Budd presents the India GSE team to our
             Jim Chaney has surgery.  Sam King breaks his foot
             falling off an irrigation sprinker.  Howard
             Cavassas    passes away.  Claudia Ryan moves to
             A year of planning for the First Annual Moriarty
             Foundation Fund Raiser honors Gov. Bruce King
             Rotary food trailer and members go to the East
             Mountain Rendzvous for a weekend.
             Working the Volleyball Tornament earned the club
             The Moriarty Rotary Club is recognized as being
             third in the district for having the most
             Sustaining Paul       Harris Fellows.
             Patty Ayre wins the Club Bulletin Award for 94-95.

Date         7/2/1994
Description  4-Way Essay Contest Winners
Details      The winning essays and their skilled and creative
             authors are listed:
             1st) Grandpa's Story - Carol Woods
             2nd) Peace for the White World - Amanda Foster
             1st) An Examination of the Truth - Sarah Delaney
             2nd) Angels on the Inside - Jacey Campbell
             3rd) Dreams - Isiah Robertson
             1st) Magelin and the 4-Way Rotary Village -
             Jessica Beebe
             2nd) Dreams - Amy Hill
             3rd) Rotary Club Essay - Cara Clark
             1st) Watercolors - Amber Ellison
             2nd) Morales - Cory Meyerer
             3rd) The Perfect World - Anna Godec
             1st) The Doorway - Daniel Nuckols
             2nd) THe World That Never Was - Jalene Fouiner
             3rd) A Better World, A Better Life - Jennifer Mock

Date         11/9/1994
Description  New Mexico State VOLLEYBALL Tournament
Details      Moriarty High School and the Moriarty Rotary Club
             hosts this year's Volleyball Tournament.  November
             9th through 12th.  $840.00 was raised.

Date         4/1/1995
Description  Trips to and from Wales
Details      Wales Rotary Club members visit with our club.  
             Several of our club members take a trip to Wales.
             Bob and Patty Ayre, Laurence and Pia Budd, Bill
             and Janerea DeGroot, Steve and Suzanne Harrington.

             Richard and Ann Hollas
             Fron Villa
             Fernbrook Rd., Penmaenmaur
             Dafydd and Gwen Jones
             Bod Infryn
             Conway Old Rd., Penmaenmaur

Date         4/21/1995
Description  $8,000 Matching Grant for the Juarez Club Project
Details      Ten (seven members: Steve Harrington, Laurence
             Budd, Mike and Mary Anaya, Patty and Bob Arye,
             Brent Bateman, and Eileen and Tito Chavez) from
             our club make a trip to visit the Juarez Rotary
             Club at a cost of $30/person and to see how the $8
             ,000 Matching Grant is being used in the
             vocational shops, for woodworking workshop tools.

             The poverty of the world seems overwhelming, but
             tackled a little at a time in whatever part of the
             world we are, there is hope!  The three year old
             Oratoria San Juan Bosco in the Colonia 16 de
             Septiembre lead by Father Osvaldo Davico have
             constructed 2 soccer fields, 4 basketball courts,
             an open air theater, a civic plaza, a chapel, a
             multi-purpose hall, an open education study hall,
             bathrooms, kicthen, and a cafetaria.  Under
             construction are music and art rooms, the
             vocational shops, adminstration offices, and a
             health clinic.  The youth center here instructs
             800 young people.

             Patty Ayre and Eileen Chavez have done the
             majority of the foot work to coordinate and see
             this project through to completion.

Date         7/1/1995
Description  President Orrin McLeod, 1995-1996
Details      Theme: Act with Integrity, Serve with Love, Work
             for Peace
             District Governor is Reba Lovrien
             District Conference:  Alamogordo, May 11-13
             The International Conference is in Calgary, Canada
             , June 23-26.


Date         7/4/1995
Description  4th of July Breakfast in Crossley Park
Details      Pancake breakfast is served to the community
             before the parade.  
             Net was $330.00 with donated food.  Rudy Nunez
             made as a PANCAKES banner.  
             Members present were:  Mike Anaya, Patty Ayre,
             Brent Bateman, Laurance Budd, Eileen Chavez, Bill
             DeGroot, John Fishburn, Steve Jones, Dale Kemper,
             Gary King, Rudy Nunez and Dan Sowle.

Date         7/22/1995
Description  Gov. Bruce and Alice King Foundation Fund Raiser
Details      Two events:  1) Afternoon testamonials were held
             in the Moriarty High School Gym and 2) the
             evening's dinner and celebration was in the
             Big-Tent at the El Comedor.

             Sponsors and Contributors are: Ranchers Bank,
             Norwest Bank, Honstein Oil, New Mexico Beef
             Council, Data Management Services, Moriarty High
             School, Sun Country Drug, ARAMARK Food Services,
             Moriarty Foods, Bobby's Phillips 66, Lane-McDuff
             and Educational Assessment Systems, Inc.  The
             event and it's sponsors were publized in three

             Members working to support the event are:   Mike
             Anaya, Patty Ayre, Brent Bateman, Laurance Budd,
             Eileen Chavez, Bill DeGroot, John Fishburn, Steve
             Harrington, John Heckendorn, Steve Jones, Dale
             Kemper, Gary King, Sam King, Larry Krueger, Kevin
             McClellan, Orrin McLeod, Chuck McMillian, Jim
             Murlless, Rudy Nunez, Elaine Pogue, Dan Sowle,
             Sally Teasdale, and J. T. Turner.

             The planning board members are Mike Anaya, Bill
             DeGroot, Steve Harrington, Orrin McLeod, and Brent

             About 130 tickets were sold at $70.00 per couple.
             The foundation recieved about $8,000.00 after
             expenses.  Income totalled about $11,427 and
             expenses totalled about $4,110

Date         8/19/1995
Description  East Mountain Rendezvous
Details      The Rotary Trailer is in action again, serving
             lunch for two days.  Several crews spent a cold
             and wet time atop the Sandia's.  The fund raiser
             cost the club $130.47

Date         9/23/1995
Description  Santa Fe Air Show
Details      The Rotary food trailer serves breakfast and lunch
             for two days on the Santa Fe airport runway.

Date         11/10/1995
Description  Community Service Award for Club Foundation
Details      Patricia Ayre was selected as one of the two
             recipients of The H & R Block Foundation I. J.
             Mnookin National Award for Community Service.  To
             honor Patricia's achievement the Foundation is
             providing a grant for $5,000.00 to the non-profit
             organization of her choice.  Patricia selected The
             Moriarty Rotary Foundation as the recipient of
             this grant award.  Patricia's efforts on behalf of
             non-profit organizations has enriched the
             community and people of Moriarty. 
             H & R Block Foundation, 4410 Main Street, Kansas
             City, MO 64111 (816) 753-6900, 
             Barbara Allmon, President.

Date         1/1/1996
Description  CLUBMATE Member Software Database
Details      Purchased for $10./member times 30 members = $300

License number 951F-310E-2D29-03E5

Date         2/26/1996
Description  Dinner Meeting Time Changes to 6pm
Details      The club approves a change to meet one hour
             earlier.  Many members were having to wait an hour
             between leaving work and waiting for the club's
             meeting to start.

Date         4/29/1996
Description  Eightht Grade English Class 4-Way Essay Contest
Details      First Place Winner:        Amber Ellison    $150 U
             .S. EE Savings Bond
             Second Place Winner:  Cody Meyerer     $75 U.S. EE
             Savings Bond
             Third Place Winner:       Anna Godec      $50 U.S.
             EE Savings Bond
             Parents and Teachers were present at the Club's
             Dinner Meeting.

Date         6/24/1996
Description  Annual Installation of Officers, 1996-97
Details      Board of Directors:
             President Laurence Budd
             President-Elect Steve Jones
             Treasurer Chuck McMillian
             Secretary Brent Bateman
             Past President Orrin McLeod
             Segeant at Arms John Maguire
             Avenues of Service:
             Club - Archie Witham
             Community - Mark Fowler
             Vocational - Sally Teasdale
             International - Patty Ayre

Date         7/1/1996
Description  President Laurence Budd, 1996-97
Details      Theme: Build the Future with Vision and Action
             District Governor is 
             District Conference:  
             The International Conference is in 


Date         7/2/1996
Description  Inbound Foreign Exchange Student - Germany
Details      Constantin von Wendt was hosted by Brent Bateman.
             Hauptstr U Adelebsen
             D37139  Germany


Date         7/4/1996
Description  4th of July Breakfast at Crossley Park
Details      Pancake breakfast is served to the community
             before the parade.  About $750 was raised for the

Date         7/27/1996
Description  Second Annual Foundation Fundraiser
Details      This year Rotary honors Mike Anaya with a
             testimonial in a BIG TENT behind the El Comedor.

             To raise funds for the Moriarty Rotary Foundation
             to benefit the community's needs, especially youth
             projects.  Tickets are $75.00 per couple, includes
             dinner, enterainment and an open bar. 

             Norwest Banks, Rotarian Archie Witham, donates
             $500 to the  foundation.

             Mike is honored for 47 years of service to Rotary,
             the Moriarty community and New Mexico.  Mike has
             served on the Moriarty City Council, the EMW Gas
             Assocation board of directors and many other
             community service projects.  Mike has served as
             chairman of the Torrance County Democratic Party
             and then as state chairman of the Democrats.  Mike
             has been involved in the development of Moriarty
             since it was a sleepy, unincorporated village to
             today's bustling city.

Date         8/26/1996
Description  Duke's Monday Night Baseball Game
Details      Club members meet annually at the Duke's Stadium
             in lieu of their Monday night dinner meeting.

Date         9/9/1996
Description  PAUL HARRIS FELLOW Awarded to Col. Harlan Lawson
Details      Army Col. Harlan Lawson, a Pentegon Rotary Club
             Member, was the Paul Harris Award recepient.  Our
             club was honored to make this award presentaion.

Date         9/14/1996
Description  AYSO Edgewood Elementry Soccorfest
Details      Andy Dunagan, Raymond Dennis, Sally Teasdale, Gary
             King, Dennis Wallin, and Brent Bateman support the
             Soccorfest by cooking and serving food, with the
             Rotary trailer, to hundreds of players, parents
             and grandparents.
Date         9/14/1996
Description  5th Annual Salt Missions Trail Bike Tour
Details      This year a pancake breakfast at Crossley Park has
             been added for both the Bike Tour and the Fly-in
             at the Airport.  A new rest stop is the Salinas
             National Monument Visitor's Center in Mountainair
             instead of the closed Shaffer Hotel.

             Donations were $500 from the Lodger's Tax
             Committee of the City and $190 from the Moriarty
             Chamber of Commerce.  Other Sponsors: U. S. West,
             Wild Oats Markets, On the Road Events, Harvard
             Bike House, H & R Block Moriarty, Chevron Express
             Moriarty, McDonald's, Salsa Cycles, Harris-Hanlon
             Mortuary, El Comedor, Mama Rosa Restaurant.

             Four tours; 15M(McIntosh), 34M(Estancia),
             60M(Willard), or the Century
             Tour(Willard-Mountairair-Tajique) from Moriarty
             and back) beginning at Crosley Park, Moriarty, NM,

             Salt Missions Trail Bike Tour, P. O. Box 1274,
             Albuquerque, NM 87103
             The Harvard Bike House, 110 Yale Blvd., S.E., Alb.
             , NM 

Date         9/16/1996
Description  Join Juarez Missions with Sister Club
Details      This 'sister club' relationship with the Rotary
             Club of El Paso del Norte was established with the
             approval at the board of directors meeting dated
             March 2, 1992.  Board members present were Dennis
             Wallin, Pat Vanderpool, Patty Ayre, Steve
             Harrington, Elaine Pogue, Gary King, Jim Murlless,
             George Wheeler, and Gene Young.

             Laurance Budd and Rotarian members of our Mexican
             sister club was on hand to receive two shipments
             coordinated by our club. 

             1)  A medical nuclear imaging station was moved
             from Albuquerque to El Paso for use in a medical
             clinic in Juarez.  This equipment was transported
             by President Laurance Budd.

             2)  Four (400) hundred school desks made they way
             to the El Paso Airport from Pennsylvania after a
             year of requistioning by Estancia's Rotarian, Bob

Date         9/22/1996
Description  Club Picture Scapebook
Details      Rotarian Sally Teasdale is the keeper/collector of
             the club's picture book.  She passed the pictures
             of the club's events and Rotarians during the
             dinner meeting.

Date         9/30/1996
Description  Rotary meets at MHS Food Court
Details      In celebration of the Rotary support during Youth
             Activities Month, Rotarian and school
             superintenant, Jim Murlless, oversees the
             organization of a steak dinner and a Marching Band
             demonstration for Rotarians.

             The club choose four (4) students to receive RYLA
             awards and leadership training.  
             The 4-Way Essay Contest encourages ethics among
             Moriarty students.  
             Pre-school children were inoculated.
             School desks were delivered for use by Juarez
             The local student-run Teen Court and Drug-free
             groups are supported by Rotary and Rotarians.

Date         10/12/1996
Description  10th Annual Pinto Bean Fiesta
Details      The Moriarty Rotary Club has supported the Pinto
             Bean Committee and Moriarty Chamber of Commerce
             for ten years. There were more booths, arts and
             crafts, games, enterainment, more parade entries
             and more people attending than ever before.

             Rotarians Patty Ayre, Sally Teasdale and Chuck
             McMillian attended the Pinto Bean planning

             From the Rotary Trailer, Rotarians cooked
             breakfast starting at 7:30am and lunch at 10:30am.
             Pinto Bean judging started at 1:00pm.

Date         11/18/1996
Description  $100 of Thanksgiving Turkeys
Details      Bethel Storehouse was given $100.00 worth of
             turkeys for their annual Thanksgiving food baskets

Date         12/2/1996
Description  MHS Food Court Rotary Sponsorship Banner
Details      This Rotary banner with the Four-Way Test was made
             by Rudy Nunez to hang in the High School's Food
             court as a reminder of Rotary's support to the

Date         12/16/1996
Description  Club Celebrates Christmas at Bethel Church
Details      After Christmas dinner served by the United
             Methodist Women, the hand bell choir, The Harmony
             Ringers" played in concert seven Christmas songs.

Date         2/15/1997
Description  UNM Cancer Center Fund Raiser
Details      Ham and pancake breakfast was served Saturday and
             Sunday from the Rotary Food Trailer at the New
             Mexico State Fairgrounds to the Cancer Center Fund
             Raising Roping Teams.  Approximately $250.00 was
             raised. Members present were Gene Young, Bill
             DeGroot, Andy Dunagan, Jim Murlless, Steve Jones,
             Orrin McLeod, Brent Bateman and German exchange
             student Constantin von Wendt.

Date         2/17/1997
Description  Moriarty Rotary Foundation Board of Directors
Details      The Club's Board of Directors voted to designate a
             different "Board of Directors" for the Foundation.
             The Foundation Board will report to the Club Board
             Members are:
             Gene Young, Senior Active, Insurance
             Bill DeGroot, Senior Active, Retired
             Orrin McLeod, Medicine, Primary Care
             Steve Harrington, Dentistry
             Archie Witham, Banking

Date         7/1/1997
Description  President Hon. Larry (Steve) Jones, 1997-98
Details      Theme: Show Rotary Cares
             RI President is Glen Kinross of Australia.
             The International Conference is in Australia.
             District Governor is Dan Schulte of El Paso.
             District Conference was held in Ruidoso.
             Assistant District Governor is Nick Blea of Bosque
             Highlights: MRC earned the Presidental Award for
             Service. A Matching Grant Program is launched for
             $20,000 for the MHS Low Ropes Leadership Course.
             The WLYC is re-vitalized.

Date         7/2/1997
Description  Club Goals 1997-1998
Details      Reach and maintain a membership of 35 active
             Continue existing Community Service projects, i.e.
             , Career Day, Student of the Month, Project
             Bethel Storehouse.
             Support Moriarty Youth Organization, i.e., Honor
             Civics, FFA, and 4H.
             Assist the school with Santa Claus for needy area
             Encourage Rotarians and spouses to attend District
             Conference and have a Club Exchange with Juarez
             Sponsor young man and young woman to Camp RYLA.
             Support the Moriarty Easter Egg Hunt.
             Support a young man to Boys State and a young
             woman to Girls State.
             Give awards to an Outstanding Citizen for
             Vocational Service.
             Contribute at least $1,000 to the Rotary
             Sponsor a Community Health Screening.
             Sponsor and participate in the Pinto Bean Fiesta.
             Assist with the Salt Missions Trail Bike Tour.
             Provide quarterly information seminars for new
             Continue with the White Lakes Yacht Club as a "Fun
             Have a spring "Fund Raiser" to kick off the 1998
             election year.

Date         11/5/1997
Description  Morine Y. Fullingim cited ROTARY FOUNDATION Award
Details      With great honor, deepest sympathies and warmest
             regards, Rotary International informed Mr. and Mrs
             . Gueswel (Craig and Ladonna) via a letter dated 5
             November 1997 in care of The Rotary Club of
             Moriarty that Mr. and Mrs. J. T. (and Francis)
             Turner had made a Memorial Contribution to the
             Rotary Foundation in memory of Mr. and Mrs.
             Gueswel's mother, Morine Y. Fullingim.

Date         3/30/1998
Description  Presentation and History of U.S. Flags
Details      As the program, GENE YOUNG gave the club a history
             lesson on the evolution of the US flag.  Then our
             club's old 48 star flag in its new glass wall case
             was unveiled and the new 50 star flag was
             commissioned into service.  RIK THOMPSON did the
             foot work to get the 48 star flag cleaned, the
             glass case build and mounted to the wall.  We
             heard the words of the Stars and Stripes Forever,
             recited the pledge and sang the Star Spangled
             Banner.  A good night for old glory!  At an NRA
             meeting, GARY KING won and then donated the U.S.
             flag that is now being used by our club.

Date         7/1/1998
Description  President Dennis Brent Bateman, 1998-1999
Details      Rotary Theme: Follow Your Rotary Dream
             District Governor is 
             District Conference:  
             The International Conference is in 


Date         7/1/1999
Description  President Eileen Chavez, 1999-2000
Details      Rotary Theme:
             District Governor is 
             District Conference is in Carlsbad, NM.
             The International Conference is in 
 MHS Career Day, May5

Date         9/25/1999
Description  Barn Dance at Honstein Oil Warehouse
Details      Profit = $2,000.00

Date         9/27/1999
Description  Trailer Overhauled
Details      Grant Preston and his father added stove tracks
             and ramp, outside box for tent poles, fresh water
             tank, utility sink, wall hooks for tables and
             other modifications.
             Motioned carried to charge $100. fee for
             non-Rotary use.
             New trailer rules will be written.

Date         10/31/1999
Description  Pumkin Launching from "El Launcho Grande"
Details      Thanks to donors: Raymond Dennis, King's Butane,
             D&R Tank.

Date         11/1/1999
Description  Turkeys purchased for Bethel Community Storehouse
Details      Gene's challenge to match his $24. bid is meet by
             Raymond, Sally, Patty, Rik, Eileen, Grant, Mike,
             and Sam. Boot collection for two weeks is also
             added. Canned and dried food is brought by club
             members at the Thankgiving Spouse Night Dinner.

Date         9/14/2000
Description  Low Ropes Course Dedication for Moriarty High Sch.
Details      Adventure Experiences, Inc. completes the
             construction of the "Outward Bound" type Ropes
             Course, fences and supply storage shed  located on
             the Moriarty High School sports property. 
             A Rotary International sign places a finishing
             mark on the project that was funded by a Rotary
             International Matching Grant($10,000); Moriarty
             Rotary Club  funds($5,000); Rotary Club Paso del
             Norte, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico($2,000); Drug Free
             TRES and the United Fund of Central NM($3,000).
             Youth participation will be in conjunction with
             leadership curriculum, alternative school programs
             , clubs, and etc. 
             Project Coordinator is Sarah Malone, Mountainview
             Elementary School, 832-1210.

Date         9/23/2000
Description  Harvest Barn Dance - 2nd Annual
Details      Held again at Honstein Oil

Date         10/14/2000
Description  Pinto Bean Fiesta - First time at City Park
Details      Pinto Bean Fiesta is held at the City Park for the
             first time. 
             NM Rotary Dist. Gov. Randy Gleason and his wife,
             Debbie, visit and work the pancake grill. 
             Breakfast and Lunches grossed a record $1,338. 
             Also helping was Estancia Rotary Club President,
             Don Dorsey. Susan Hedrick wins the Mostly Beans
             Georgia Overlander wins the Specialty Bean Award.

Date         10/21/2000
Description  Estancia Pumpkin Fest - 2nd Annual
Details      MRC's El Laucho Grande has a competing cannon!
             Officially El Laucho Grande wins again!

Date         2/6/2001
Description  President Sally Teasdale, 2000-2001
Details      Rotary Theme: Create Awareness - Take Action
             District Governor is Randy Gleason
             District Conference is in San Antonio, TX, Oct.
             The International Convention is in
             Budget for 2000-2001 will be $17,700
             Landon Store Food Sales makes $850. for the
             Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast
             Dukes Baseball Game, July 31
             Harvest Barn Dance, Sept
             Pinto Bean Fiesta, Oct. 14
             Estancia Pumpkin Fest, Oct. 21
             Foundation Fund reaches $35,000.

Date         7/1/2001
Description  President Rik Thompson, 2001-2002
Details      Rotary Theme is 
             District Governor is 
             District Conference is in 
             The International Convention is in


Date         7/1/2002
Description  President Peter Ide, 2002-2003
Details      Rotary Theme is 
             District Governor is 
             District Conference is in 
             The International Convention is in


Date         7/1/2003
Description  President Joel Lockwood, 2003-2004
Details      Rotary Theme is 
             The Rotary Motto is
             District Governor is 
             District Conference is in 
             The RI President is
             The International Convention is in


Date         7/1/2004
Description  President Mishalla Schaub, 2004-2005
Details      Rotary Theme is Celebrate Rotary
             The Rotary Motto is Rotary concerns itself with
             truth, fairness, improved realations bewteen
             people and workd peace.
             District Governor is 
             District Conference is in 
             The International, 100 Years, Convention is in
             Chicago, Il. June 18-22, 2005. 


Date         7/2/2004
Description  A Rotary Prayer
Details      by Bob Rosenak, Centennial Task Force Coordinator
             Dear Lord,
             Let me always be truthful. In my personal and
             professional life. Let me tell the truth, not only
             to others, but to myself as well. Let me act
             fairly to all. Let me treat all persons with
             dignity and respect. Let my acts create goodwill
             between all persons and may I be a bridge to bring
             better understanding among all people. Let me live
             my life so that what I to will be beneficial to
             all. May I, with your guidance, be of service to


Date         7/2/2004
Description  On-line Rotary Meeting Makeups
Details      Here is a club that got creative!
             Spend at least 30 minutes at this club's site and
             earn time for a makeup!
         Just a click away!
             And of course, generously contribute the price of
             a lunch to help maintian the website and other
             service projects!

Date         7/1/2005
Description  President Karen Couch, 2005-2006
Details      Rotary Theme is 
             District Governor is 
             District Conference is in 
             The International Convention is in


Date         7/3/2006
Description  President Grant Preston 2006-2007
Details      Rotary Theme is:
             District Governor is: 
             District Conference is in:
             Rotary International Convention is in: Salt Lake
             City, UT


Date         5/7/2007
Description  Scholarship Awards
Details      1st Kelsey Carrillo
             2nd Anna Trillo

3rd Andrew Gomez

Date         6/25/2007
Description  Raymond Dennis challenges club to match $1000
Details      Responses come from Joel, Grant, Ray, Mike, Steve,
             Gary, Brent, J.T., and Sam.

Date         7/2/2007
Description  President Ray Sharbutt 2007-2008
Details      Theme is Rotary Shares
             RI Convention is in Los Angeles, CA
             RI President is Wilkinson
             District 5520 Governor is Jackie Morgan (husband,
             Merv, dies during her year)

Date         7/9/2007
Description  Bill Richardson for President Banquet
Details      Mike Anaya hosts dinner banquet for Bill
             Richardson in attendance and raises $75,000.

Date         7/23/2007
Details      MRC donates $500 to buy a SILVER membership to
             benefit the American Cancer Society. Motion by
             Mike, 2nd by J.T. Carried.

Date         5/26/2008
Details      Fund Raiser, held Sept. 9 at the community center.

Date         7/1/2008
Description  President Leanne Tapia
Details      RI Theme is
             RI Convention is in
             Dist. Gov. is 
             Dist. Conf. is in 

Highlights are:

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