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The International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians

The International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians


The International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians (IFRM) began in 1972 to "promote and encourage the use and appreciation of music in Rotary Clubs by Rotarians in our society and, thereby, to encourage world understanding." It received "not for profit" status in July 1985 and was incorporated in California (USA) in 2004. In 2007, IFRM, Inc. was formed as a 501c3 Foundation in order to accept tax-deductible gifts from USA donors and to fund projects to promote music literacy throughout the world.

Over the last four decades, officers and members of the Fellowship have taken a leading role in extending the cultural and educational use of music in Rotary through group singing, musical entertainment, and the fostering of music projects around the world.

IFRM arranges and publishes the annual RI Presidential Theme Songs, furnishes musical leadership and performances at events at all Rotary levels, and mans a booth at RI International Conventions. "Moving into the 21st Century", IFRM has recently extended musical literacy by funding school and community projects.

IFRM Foundation[edit]

IFRM, Inc. The original IFRM Trust Fund was founded in 1977 with seed money provided by founder Jim Whited and supplemented through the sale of sing-along tapes and individual donations. It was originally conceived as a charitable trust for the purpose of perpetuating the Fellowship by paying for music publishing and distribution expenses, including MUSIC NOTES, the annual IFRM Newsletter. In addition, the funds now support the publication of a monthly e-bulletin, STACCATO. In 2007, IFRM, Inc., our Foundation, became formally recognized as a 501C-3, tax-exempt "charitable organization" in the US. Donors to the Foundation can now claim tax deductions; please consult your tax preparer.

Donor Advised Fund[edit]

IFRM is proud to be the first Fellowship to utilize the RI Donor Advised Fund. By investing in this Fund, IFRM is able to both facilitate tax-deductible giving to our Fellowship as well as to use the Fund as a vehicle for funding domestic projects.

Operations: Bylaws, Policies and Procedures IFRM Bylaws provide for a maximum of 17 members on the Board of Directors. The Board is elected annually by the members present at the general membership meeting at the annual RI Convention. Officers of the Board are elected annually by majority vote of the Directors. Activities and opportunities for fellowship among members consist of: (1) the annual newsletter; (2) the monthly e-bulletin; (3) the web site; (4) the RI annual Convention, including the IFRM Booth in the House of Friendship to recruit new members, to share fellowship through song and to network talent and expertise; and (5) performance at a variety of musical events at the club, area, district, zone and international levels of Rotary. Most notably, IFRM is known for establishing the Rotary World Choir, which performs at the RI Convention Interfaith Service, as well as entertaining at Presidential luncheons, receptions and other Convention events.

(An official copy of the revised By-Laws (June 2007) is on file with the IFRM Chair.)