Palghar, Maharashtra, India

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Rotary Club of Palghar[edit]

Charter date : 6 JUNE,1994

Club No. 30217 District - 3140


The Rotary Club of Palghar was chartered on 6th June 1994 under the president ship of Rtn. Rasik Bhanushali. The club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mulund under the guidance of the then president Rtn. Dr Jayant Kulkarni & District Governor Rtn Ashok Mahajan.


In our 17 years of existence, we have completed many prestigious projects and many others are in the pipeline for the service of the community. All our past Presidents took Rotary Club of Palghar to new heights with active support of the members. Today we are known as one of the Most Vibrant Clubs in the district 3140. The list is endless, but we do not believe in sitting back and resting on our laurels. Just as Robert Frost said –

‘There are miles to go before we sleep’.


Rotary Year President Secretary
1994-95 Rtn. Rasik Bhanushali Rtn. Pradeep Kotak
1995-96 Rtn. Esmail Godhrawala Rtn. Surendra Jain
1996-97 Rtn. Mukund Kudwa --
1997-98 Rtn. Suryakant Shah Rtn. Ramesh Shetty
1998-99 Rtn. Rasik Bhanushali Rtn. Ninad Save
1999-2000 Rtn. Ramesh Shetty Rtn. Pradeep Kotak
2000-01 Rtn. Surendra Jain Rtn. Sandeep Patel
2001-02 Rtn. Pradeep Kotak Rtn. Deepak Sawale
2002-03 Rtn. Ramkrishna Dandekar Rtn. Ramesh Shetty
2003-04 Rtn. Kishor Mahaddalkar Rtn. Rajendra Sankhe
2004-05 Rtn. Deepak Sawale Rtn. Rafique Lulania
2005-06 Rtn. Shabbir H.C. Rtn. Manoj Mehta
2006-07 Rtn. Rafique Lulania Rtn. Milind Patil
2007-08 Rtn. Nalin Shah Rtn. Suresh Kewat
2008-09 Rtn. Manoj Mehta Rtn. Ajit Dubey
2009-10 Rtn. Milind Patil Rtn. Milind Ulkande
2010-11 Rtn. Suresh Kewat Rtn. Hanif Dhanani
2011-12 Rtn. Ajit Dubey Rtn. Padam Sharma
2012-13 Rtn. Milind Ulkande Rtn.Sanjay Dange
2013-14 Rtn. Hanif Dhanani Rtn. Bhagwan Patil


Major donor of our club RTN.RAMESH SHETTY



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RTN. Manoj Mehta                               RTN.Nalin Shah                             RTN.Mayur Kashikar


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