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Service Above Self!

The Rotary Club of Port Harcourt GRA, Rivers State is a member of Rotary International. District 9140 is composed of clubs in Nigeria and Zone 20.


Rotary Club of Port Harcourt GRA is the third Rotary club that was organized and sponsored by the Rotary Club of Port Harcourt during 2009-2010 Rotary year. The approval of Rotary extension in The Port Harcourt environ by the Board of Directors of Rotary club Port Harcourt, the sponsoring club was communicated to PAG James Okwuobu, chairman, Extension committee on Saturday 25th of July 2009.

The process for organizing the Rotary club of Port Harcourt GRA became effective on January 10, 2010 when the inaugural pre-charter meeting held at Beverly Hills Hotel, Woji Road, GRA II. The Rotary club of Port Harcourt GRA covers GRA II and III, Aba Road, Agip, Olu-Obasanjo, Orazi and Rumuola as its catchment area.

A survey of the catchment area was done and presented to the Board of the Rotary Club of Port Harcourt on 6th December 2009. A board approval was obtained and a questionnaire was administered in the catchment area. Soon afterwards guest lists of respondents were invited for the inaugural pre-charter meeting of the club which was held on January 10, 2010 at Beverly Hills Hotel. The inaugural pre-charter meeting was with six guests in attendance. The sum of N11, 900.00 was realized as SAA's collection during the fellowship.

Twelve meetings in all were held between the inaugural meeting and the granting of charter by RI. All the meetings were well attended and the fellowships were well organized with club Bulletin published and issued regularly. It is important to mention here that only three meetings were held in Beverly Hills Hotel, as the venue was changed to Aldgate Hotel in GRA. Thereafter on 6th May 2010 the club further changed its meeting venue to Eldees restaurant, Tombia Street, GRA, as the Aldgate venue was inadequate for the growing numbers.

Decisions on club matters were taken by members at various dates as shown below:

  • Friday 22nd January 2010, members approved the proposal club Budget specifying Admission fee and club dues.
  • Friday 19th February 2010, members determined and adopted club name, Locality, meeting time and venue
  • Wednesday 24th March 2010, standard Rotary club Constitution, club Bylaws and club committee structure were approved. The club progressed from inaugural pre-charter meeting and held charter elections on March 11 2010.

  • Winston Bell-Gam, President Elect
  • Sam Mba, Vice President
  • Mercy Amachree, Secretary
  • Ofonmbuk Harcourt–Whyte, Treasurer
  • Lucky Atiegoba, Director, Community Services
  • Humphrey Uranta, Director, Membership
  • Blessing Nweneka, Director, Club Admin
  • Ikenna Mbanefo, Director, Public Relations
  • Ozoya Esezobor, Director, Vocational
  • Gina Daka-Osika, Director, Rotary Foundation
  • Virginia Major, Sergeant-At-Arms

On Charter, the membership of the club was 37 members listed as follows

  1. Winston Bell-Gam, Environmental Geology
  2. Sam Mba, Banking
  3. Mercy Amachree, Corporate Law
  4. Ofonmbuk Harcourt-Whyte, Customer relations Banking
  5. Lucky Atiegoba, Mortgage Banking
  6. Humphrey Uranta, Retail Banking
  7. Blessing Nweneka, Teaching
  8. Ikenna Mbanefo, Health Insurance
  9. Ozoya Esezobor, Marketing
  10. Ikechukwu Aka, Banking
  11. Gina Daka-Osika, Public service Journalism
  12. Virginia Major, Community Pharmacy
  13. Aliu Felix, Commercial Banking
  14. Anyanwu Ifeoma, Promotional and Gift item marketing
  15. Asonye Eberechi, Information Technology
  16. Bello Kehinde, Commercial Banking
  17. Ejiofo Amaka, Human Resource Management
  18. Etianra Gideon, Oil and Gas Entrepreneur
  19. Esekie Emmanuel, Corporate Law
  20. Ezeala Kingsley, Marketing
  21. Jerus Uvieghara, Project Evaluation
  22. Lolomari Odoloiyi, Religious Service
  23. Nwachukwu Larry, Merchandising
  24. Okeke Vivian, General Teaching
  25. IbezimOkoli, Corporate Law
  26. Oladimeji Olufemi, Marketing
  27. Olugbodi Uduak, Commercial Banking
  28. Omuta Micheal, University Education
  29. Onyido Odi, Medical Microbiology
  30. Orekoya Idowu, Advertising
  31. Mildred Osain, Customer Relations
  32. Osedumme Mary Frances, Customer Relations
  33. Osuji Kennedy, Logistics Services
  34. Oye Cynthia, Management Consultancy
  35. Pepple Datubo, Civil Construction
  36. Tador Medline, Broadcasting

The Club of Port Harcourt GRA was admitted into the membership of Rotary International on May 4 2010 and the club held her charter certificate presentation and her first induction and launching of community service project on Saturday August 14 2010 at the Beverly Hills Hotel Port Harcourt.

Societal Contributions—Avenues of Service[edit]

Awards and Recognitions: At the 2010/2011 District conference held on the 12 to 14 May 2011 at the Alfred Diete spiff civic center Port Harcourt. The club won 18 awards in one evening including her earlier awards at the Benin and Awka. Some of the award categories are as follows

  1. Presidential citation with distinction
  2. Presidential citation for demonstrating Rotary's commitment to fellowship and service
  3. Outstanding service awards in furtherance of district programs and projects in the 2010 –2011 year and in particular Polio plus
  4. Outstanding service award in particular Bill and Melinda Gates challenge
  5. Outstanding service awards in Particular the Rotary Foundation
  6. Outstanding service award in Particular significant and outstanding project
  7. Outstanding service award in particular New Generation
  8. Outstanding service award in particular Membership growth
  9. Outstanding service award in particular membership
  10. Outstanding service awards in particular best in attendance at district activities
  11. A glass plaque for the best in New Generations
  12. Prompt payment of dues
  13. Best RYLA sponsorship
  14. Best behaved RYLA participants
  15. Our eighteen awards and commitment stood us well above our age-group in the Rotary family at the District, National and Global level.

Rotary club of Port Harcourt GRA was the biggest, boldest and the best club in District 9140 having received the district best club award at the district conference (DISCON) 2012 in Warri. The club is also the recipient of Presidential citation, best club in Public relations, significant contribution to the Rotary foundation and most significant membership growth. The streak of awards and recognitions for the Rotary club of Port Harcourt GRA were repeated again at the DISCON 2013 at Aba, where the club carted seventeen awards including the best club in the district 9140 and the best President in the 2012 – 2013 Rotary year in the Person of Rotarian Virginia Major and the best club in New Generation service amongst others. The club won The STAR awards in:

  • Membership growth
  • Membership extension
  • Most innovative in membership recruitment
  • Largest club
  • New Generations
  • Public relations
  • Public image
  • Best exhibitor at DISCON
  • Attendance of district events
  • Peace and conflict resolution
  • Presidential Citation- Distinction
  • Best behaved RYLA team sponsor
  • Best in ethics

The club also won awards in:

  • Foundation giving (contributed over $45,000 to The Rotary Foundation)
  • Successful execution of matching grant project
  • Prompt payment of dues
  • Significant projects

In the District conference in May 2014 in Asaba, the Rotary club of Port Harcourt GRA under the leadership of President Mediline Tador received awards in the district for inducting the highest number of new Rotarians; Youth service award (Rotaract), for being the most supportive Rotary club to Rotaract in district 9140, Public image award and Polio plus award in recognition of the club effort in the district polio eradication program 2013-2014, award for strategic goal setting to engage Rotary and change lives the year and special recognition as the 3 best exhibitor at the 9 West Africa Project Fair, Togo 2013/2014. At the end of the 2014/15 Rotary year, the club was recognized for its youth service activity and chattering of Interact clubs. A member of the club received the coveted award of the Best Assistant Governor in the district. So far in this Rotary year 2015/6 the President Gideon Etianra won an award from Rotary International for posting the best project on the Rotary International ‘Showcase’ on the 20th November, 2015. The Rotary club of Port Harcourt GRA, the club on the Greenfields is prepared for more outstanding fellowship and service as we UNLEASH OUR PASSION AND BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD.

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