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Want to be part of RGHF Historylibrary.org

Note : To find if your club or district is already a part of RGHF, use www.historysearch.org and enter your club name or district number. If there is already data on our websites, please add a link to that along with your additional history

Suggested Format for Posting

Follow Five simple steps to become a user.[edit]

1) Request an account click here

2) Fill up the form. Tell us more about you in more than 50 words. Yes.

3) Check your Email.

4) Allow us to verify your application.

5) Check your Email.

Follow four simple steps to contribute your information.[edit]

1) Read more help files about Viewing / Adding / Editing Articles

2) Search your district / club / convention and add information.

3) Find existing RGHF articles by using http://www.historysearch.org. Then add these external links to your article.

4) Search RGHF's History Library for existing material and add internal links.

The Routine on the RGHF History Library[edit]

1) Visitors not allowed to submit

2) Users allowed to submit / edit articles

3) Moderators allowed to publish articles.

4) Collaborators Allowed to publish articles with Media (images/videos)

5) Sysops checking the Interlinking and Monitoring Catagories/Contents.

How you can climb up the ladder.[edit]

1) You need to be a active RGHF History Library contributor on RGHF historylibrary.org

2) You need to start with basic User level first.

3) You need to have good idea about Zone/District/Club/ Localities.

4) You need to proactively support RGHF History Library with continuous feedbacks on corrections, etc.

5) You can then correspond with any higher up contributor/moderator and get your scope of operation freezed.