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Fellowship of Rotarian Publishers and Editors

Welcome to the Fellowship of Rotarian Publishers and Editors history page, provided by RGHF. If you are a Rotarian editor or publisher for your Rotary club, or a frequent writer for your club, district, fellowship, or other Rotary group, we invite you to join our discussion group and participate in fellowship and service activities.


The purpose of this Group includes the following:

  • Provide easy method to contribute, distribute, and search for ideas and information for bulletin editors.
  • Encourage more club members to accept the opportunity to be bulletin editor.
  • Improve retention of current bulletin editors.
  • Improve club member's knowledge of Rotary.

The Beginning[edit]

The group was chartered on June 23, 2003, the International Fellowship of Rotarian Editors and Publishers operates in accordance with Rotary International, but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International. In 2002-2003 Ray Taylor (Pinehurst, NC) was Chairman of Rotary International’s Rotary Fellowships committee. Ray asked Phil Morris (RC Furnitureland, D7690, NC) to design and publish a website for Rotary Fellowships. Together they developed [1]]. Why Phil? In the early 1990’s Ray asked Phil to serve as their District’s club bulletin committee chairman and years later, their district website was started.

Backtrack to 2000, when a Rotarian in the neighboring district expressed interest to Ray Taylor in developing a fellowship for club newsletter editors, he called Phil again to see if he would be interested in supporting this effort… that is how Phil came to know Ken Scheffel (RC Chapel Hill, D7710)

Ken Scheffel served IFREP as Charter Secretary/Treasurer and launched Volume I, Number I of PEN (Publishers & Editors News) IFREP’s online newsletter on July 1, 2003

The acronyms IFREP and PEN were suggested by Don Higgins of RC Pinellas Park, Florida, along with other suggestions from members. In October 2002, by a two to one vote, the fellowship became IFREP and the newsletter, the PEN. Don Higgins has been IFREP webmaster from 2003 to the present.


Designs for a fellowship logo were submitted by four members and after a thorough exchange of views and some fine-tuning, the artist’s palette quill and mouse was selected to represent IFREP.

Online Presence[edit]

Jack Tanner (RC North Fort Meyers, Florida) started the IFREP yahoogroups forum as moderator in May 2002 until 2007 when Jack made Giovanna McKay co-owner and co-moderator. She then appointed Robin Chapple also as co-owner and co-moderator. She also made Madhumita Bishnu co-owner and co-moderator. Pins were ordered and Mark Zober of the Jerusalem Rotary Club in Israel joined as Chair.

Mark reached out to Sanjay Agrawal who set up a hosting arrangement at no fee with his employer but the group downsized to less than 200 members worldwide by 2013. Sanjay and Mark requested help in the internet and PDG Dr. James J. Yarmus (Jim) from District 7210 received free hosting from Clubrunner in Toronto based on his relationship with that firm during the years he was the Webmaster of the district. Concurrently, Jim started a Facebook page and noted that success was best achieved free access. The Fellowship grew in its current format from about 150 to about 14,000 with members in more than 100 countries.

The group continues to be interested in getting to know other editors and publishers, sharing ideas and information about editing and publishing Rotary documents, and helping each other promote Rotary. Please visit the site, join the Fellowship and publish web pages with sample District, Rotary Club, and Fellowship publications and feel free to send request to add links to your own published documents in PDF or HTML format within the Facebook software. And be sure to read the IFREP fellowship newsletters with lots of tips on Rotary publications.


Jim has a group of volunteers acting as Administrators and you may reach him to volunteer or ask for details at
Facebook page