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Service Above Self!

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The Rotary Club of Taipei is a member of Rotary International. District 3480 is composed of clubs in Northern Taiwan Republic of China in Rotary Zone 10.

The Rotary Club of Taipei was the first Rotary Club established on the island of Taiwan with a charter date of October 9, 1948. Our Charter President was C.K. Yen, who is also a past President of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The club was founded just three years after the end of World War II, and only one year before Taipei was made the provisional capital of the Republic of China upon the withdrawal of the Nationalist government in mainland China to Taiwan.

The Early Days[edit]

The main emphasis of our club was on assisting orphanages and underprivileged children amid the difficult economic circumstances in those days. This included installation of a tap water system at the Peitou Orphanage and an enclosing wall for the Ai Ai Liau Orphanage. A free evening school for underprivileged children was opened at the Wanhua YMCA in June 1954, and the I Kiang Children’s Garden, equipped by our Club, was opened in June 1956. Our club continues to support the underprivileged in Taiwan, as well as disaster victims, the aged and the handicapped.

Our bulletin, the Typhoon, made its first appearance in July 1951 under the guidance of editor Rotarian ET.

During Rotary Year (RY) 1956-57, our club sponsored its first Intercollegiate English Speech Contest to provide college students in Taiwan an opportunity to hone their English skills. Since that time, we have sponsored many overseas trips for top finishers in these contests, including trips to the US, Europe and Australia.

In the 1980s, the Rotary Club of Taipei began to expand its support of worthwhile causes in the Asia-Pacific region. In cooperation with other Rotary Clubs in the Taipei area, we donated US$50,000 to build water tanks for refugees in Thailand in RY 1980-81.

Societal Contributions—Avenues of Service[edit]

Since those early years, our club has continued to provide substantial monetary and human support to important causes both within Taiwan and in the Asia-Pacific region. Although Taiwan’s economy has grown substantially since the 1940s when our club was founded, significant needs still exist among the underprivileged in our society, victims of natural disasters, the young, the aged and the physically challenged. Within Asia, we continue to work to improve healthcare and address other challenges.

Community Service[edit]

  • English Speech Contest providing trips abroad to winners
  • 33,000 TWD for Syin-Lu Foundation 2013
  • Defensive Driving Award 2014
  • Safety Checks 592 vehicles checked 2014

International Service[edit]

  • $50,000USD for water tanks for Thailand refugees 1980-81
  • Clean drinking water for 6 schools in Winan City, Shaaxi Province, China 2014
  • SOK Orphanage suport 12,000 NTD
  • *
    Gary CK Huang served as Rotary International President 2014-2015
    Gary CK Huang, Taipei club president 1983-84, served as Rotary International President during 2014-2015.

Club Service[edit]

Between 1953-55, the Rotary Club of Taipei sponsored nine other Rotary Clubs in Taiwan, namely the Rotary Clubs of Keelung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Pingtung, Chiayi, Taipei West, Ilan and Taichung.

Vocational Service[edit]

Youth Service[edit]

  • Clubs sponsored
    • Taipei American School Interact Club
    • Taipei Rotaract Club


1948-1949 Chia-Kan Yen 1949-1950 James I Dickson
1950-1951 Joseph TF Wang 1951-1952 Joseph TF Wang 1952-1953 Keh-Ti Kuo 1953-1954 Manuel A Adeva 1954-1955 R. C. Chen
1955-1956 E. T. Chu 1956-1957 S. Auman Rajadhon 1957-1958 James M Lee/Georogs YI Wu 1958-1959 Shen-Fu Chang 1959-1960 Pete BT Change
1960-1961 S. T. Lee 1961-1962 Kenneth H.Fu 1962-1963 Calvin C. Chang 1963-1964 Dan Saint-Rossy 1964-1965 Benjamin SJ Chang
1965-1966 T. S. Pai 1966-1967 Sueling Lee 1967-1968 H. F. O. Noether 1968-1969 T. I. Yen 1969-1970 Scott E Payne
1970-1971 Hien-Chee Fang 1971-1972 Robert W Bolt 1972-1973 Arthur CC Chang 1972-1973 Alson AM Lee 1973-1974 Dale Holmgren
1975-1976 James KM Wang 1976-1977 H. G. Peabody 1977-1978 Raymong DF Chen 1978-1979 Thomas S Chou 1979-1980 Robert Appledoom
1980-1981 Frank Lee 1981-1982 James A Smith 1982-1983 V. G. Perez 1983-1984 Gary CK Huang 1984-1985 Ian Lin
1985-1986 Paul C Tsai 1986-1987 Nicola Bou Saba 1987-1988 Tai-Sheng Lin 1988-1989 Philip Roy Lee Paxton 1989-1990 Jwe-Son Kuo
1990-1991 Gary L Ritzman/She-Fu Lian 1991-1992 Peter Shen 1992-1993 Pierre Y Aboukhater 1993-1994 Edward Y Way 1994-1995 Richard Zi
1995-1996 James L. Mehren 1996-1997 Victor S Hallock 1997-1998 Henry HC Wun 1998-1999 Andre Ley 1999-2000 Jackson T Cheng
2000-2001 Michael S. Hallock 2001-2002 Nicholas Wu 2002-2003 Mark Ohlson 2003-2004 Bernd-Josef Franz 2004-2005 roger S. Dong
2005-2006 William Ka-Lu Choi 2006-2007 Pi-Song Tsai 2007-2008 Dennis Liao 2008-2009 David Lin 2009-2010 Ming C. Wen
2010-2011 Ampo Tsai 2011-2012 Koji Lee 2012-2013 Mark Hsieh 2013-2014 Jan Rossmeyer 2014-2015

Meetings and Information[edit]

Please join us at our weekly meeting!
Thursday of each week at 12:00 pm
4/F Formosa Room
Caesar Park Hotel Taipei
No 38 Sec 1 Zhongxiao West Rd Taipei, 10041 Taiwan, ROC
Contact us at
Phone: 886-2-2381-0986
Fax: 886-2-2383-1886


District 3480

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Club Website
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