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Service Above Self!

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The Early Years[edit]

The Rotary Club of Windermere is a member of Rotary International. District 6980 is composed of clubs in the Central Florida, USA and Zone 34.


The Rotary Club of Windermere was chartered on the 10th of March 1969 after being recommended by ENDORSINGCLUBNAME of CITYANDSTATEOFENDORSINGCLUB.

Societal Contributions—Avenues of Service[edit]

Community Service[edit]

  • Windermere Spring Fest
  • End Polio Now Charity Invitational Golf Tournament

International Service[edit]

Club Service[edit]

Vocational Service[edit]

Youth Service[edit]

  • Youth Club Sponsorships
    • Foundation Academy Interact Club
    • West Orange High School Interact Club
    • Windermere Preparatory School Interact Club
    • Olympia High School Interact Club
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards sponsorees:
  • Four-Way Test Project
Four-Way Test Participants
Today, more than six decades since its creation, has the Test lost its usefulness in modern society, as some critics maintain? Is it sophisticated enough to guide business and professional men and women in these fast-paced times? You be the judge, but our youngest members in society see its value.
“Of the things we think, say or do:
Is it the TRUTH?
There is a timelessness in truth that is unchangeable. Truth cannot exist without justice.
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
The substitution of fairness for the harsh principles of doing business at arm’s length has improved rather than hurt business relationships.
Man is by nature a cooperative creature and it is his natural instinct to express love.
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
This question eliminates the dog-eat-dog principle of ruthless competition and substitutes the idea of constructive and creative competition.
The Four-Way Test is international, transcending national boundaries and language barriers. It knows no politics, dogma or creed. More than a code of ethics, it has all the ingredients for a successful life in every way. It can and will work in today’s society, especially if we can see to apply it.


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Meetings and Information[edit]

Please join us at our weekly meeting!
Tuesday of each week at 6:54 am
Historic Windermere Town Hall
520 Main Street on the corner of 6th Ave
Windermere, FL 34786 USA
Contact us at The Rotary Club of Windermere
P.O. Box 687
Windermere, FL 34786-0687 USA

Phone: 407-476-3285

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District 6980

Club Virtual Presence[edit]

Club Website
Club Facebook

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