As an effort to serve others, RGHF offers history training for Rotary leaders.

The fellowship accumulates and preserves the complete history, values, and philosophy of the Rotary movement,

as well as encourages others to do the same at every level of the Rotary movement,

and publishes those histories, values, and philosophies on the internet, as well as other forms of media as expedient.


Tips for finding history


There are tens of thousands of individual articles on our 4,000 pages. But - how do you find something like, say "The Old Guard"? "Unless" you happened to know that there was an article by Rufus Chapin, and you knew that he worked for the Secretariat, you might be at a loss. So, we created to assist you.



The search page, found under "search" just above, will likely find you what you are looking for.Besides our power sponsored search, if you are looking for books, try our bibliography.


If you are looking for something that happened on a certain date in Rotary's History, then you might find it under our fourhistory timelines tours.



Women in Rotary,

The life of Paul Harris,

First Clubs of each Country,

The first 100 and other early clubs,

The RI Archives of Early Clubs,

The Rotary Foundation,

RI's 1905-48 timeline added to Harris' "My Road to Rotary,"

The 1905-76 timeline from "Adventures in Service"

Youth History


The Rotary Global History Fellowship Library contains many resources for the Rotarians and visitor, including our bibliography.


If your interest is in the wisdom of Rotary International Founder Paul P. Harris, then we have a separate website with his books, articles, speeches, letters, and even signatures.


To assist the members of your club or the clubs of your district or zone, our links page may be helpful.   However, anything as large as this project requires a bit of time and interest to search. If you know a better way, please use our comment page to suggest it. This is also our Site Map



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There are thousands of articles on this website and the companion website In order to assist those wishing to learn from this effort, we are going to post practical suggestions for learning from history


Learn about the history of your own district, and if it not there, find out how to have your district's history preserved at Rotary Global History. District history




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