As an effort to serve others, RGHF offers history training for Rotary leaders.

The fellowship accumulates and preserves the complete history, values, and philosophy of the Rotary movement,

as well as encourages others to do the same at every level of the Rotary movement,

and publishes those histories, values, and philosophies on the internet, as well as other forms of media as expedient.


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DISCLAIMER: Please note that Fellowship membership dues are paid on an annual basis and due on July 1 of each year. Individuals who become members after July 1 are required to pay the full annual fee as dues are not pro-rated based on the time of year an individual becomes a member. All payments are immediately applied to the work of the Fellowship. No refunds or pro-ration of dues will be made once payment is submitted or upon cancellation of membership. (New members who join after 1 April will be credited through the following RY) 

Benefits: Facebook Private Groups, Membership Pin, Membership website access, Voting, Committee or Board Service, Support of our Grants. Dues from members are used for internet, conventions, promotion of history, and membership related costs.


Contributions to RGHF's Donor Advised Fund can be made via RGHF Donor Advised Fund, complete information at this link.