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More about What Paul Harris Wrote


"Delegates from North, South, East and West, delegates from all parts of the United States: We have been called here to organize a national association of Rotary Clubs, and we have a great deal of business to transact." 


The first statement made to The National Association of Rotary Clubs of America.


How Rotary started, in the words of Paul Harris, Founder of Rotary, recorded on 20 December 1945.


Below is a completed list of articles, books, speeches, and artifacts of Rotary International Founder Paul P. Harris. We believe this is the most complete collection anywhere in the Rotary world (accessible on the internet)


Paul Harris' president page and index

  • Explore the life and thoughts of this strong willed man, filled with a love of nature, his fellows, and his creator.


1893 Storm 

How Harris nearly lost his life in a New Orleans Hurricane

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This Rotarian Age - 1935

An excellent textbook on Rotary

Read a text book on Rotary, by the person who taught it best. Now with an easy-to-read downloadable PDF 

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Actual Pages

Robert Burns Harris' favorite poet

Book Review

Shorey Obituary

Supplement after Harris' death

Text only version 


Paul Harris and the Birth of Rotary (Carvin)

The writings of other presidents of Rotary international


Links to other writings

Messages & Addresses to RI Conventions 1910-1946

(every message Harris every wrote and/or delivered)

'47 Convention tributes

Other Harris Speeches

Articles in The Rotarian Magazine

Every article Harris' wrote!

Paul Harris Signatures





This Rotarian Age


Europe 1928

Europe 1932

South Africa 1934


(Asia, Pacific, and South America)

Same story, 70 years later 

the record of Harris' travels

Meet Paul Harris 

Questions we wish we could ask

Also see the 2012 RGHF Institute, Denver, for photos of Paul's parents' graves.

1933: Paul Harris on the Radio from the Boston RI convention

Film of Paul Harris

Paul Harris on International Friendship and Peace

Leland Childs's interview of Paul Harris in Tuskegee, Alabama, 20 December 1945.

Harris described the origin, purpose and future of Rotary.

The principal historian responsible for this section

was RGHF Ambassador and Senior Historian Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler, Bavaria



Harris Timeline

On Internationalism

Paul's Office


Harris' Art

Paul P. Harris

Paul's Health


What's New?

On The Mayflower?


Early Cemetery

Cemetery Map



Paul's Office Today

A Gift for Paul

Global Views of PH




Rawlins Survey

Rawlins Answers

Restless Years


Harris Autographs

Harris Checks

Doc's & Charters

Harris Letters

This Rotarian Age

Speech, 1928

"Friendship Trees"

Wallingford, VT

South Africa 1934

Tribute to Harris


My Road To Rotary

Founder of Rotary

Europe 1932

European Tour 1928

RIP Letters

PH in The Rotarian

Harris Philosophy

Radio Speech 1933

30th Anniversary

Jean & Paul

Photo Gallery

Distant Sense

A Road Traveled

Perry by Harris

Paul's Bio of Jean

Rotarian Articles




Meet Paul Harris