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RGHF Board of Directors (13)
RGHF Founding Member Irv Kaplan, USA
RGHF Member Tim Tucker
RGHF Zone 06b Assistant T I M Nurul Kabir
RGHF Secretary George C. McKinnis USA
RGHF Treasurer/Founding Member DG 02/03 Geri Appel, USA
 RGHF Global Technology Manager Carlos Garcia Calzada, Mexico
RGHF Global Zones Manager Olaoluwa Olugbodi, Nigeria
RGHF Zone 15 Administrator Kent Vesterberg - Sweden
RGHF OFN Editor Jeetendra Sharma - India
RGHF Zone 20be Administrator Adel Abdel Shafei - Egypt
RGHF Convention Manager Grace Okaro - Nigeria
RGHF Founding Member Matts Ingemanson – USA
RGHF Vice President Fred Carvin, USA
Ex Officio Member
RGHF President 2015-19 Steve Hellersperk

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