As an effort to serve others, RGHF offers history training for Rotary leaders.

The fellowship accumulates and preserves the complete history, values, and philosophy of the Rotary movement,

as well as encourages others to do the same at every level of the Rotary movement,

and publishes those histories, values, and philosophies on the internet, as well as other forms of media as expedient.

Member Orientation


Thank you for taking this self guided tour: RGHF's member orientation. With our organization, active since October of 2000, and with 4,000 pages, 20,000 files, thousands of articles, in 100 categories, RGHF is rich in resources for all of Rotary.


We hope that by providing you with a self-guided membership orientation, you'll be able to serve Rotary better and enjoy the fellowship of other members.


There are several pages which might assist you. Those wishing to be orientation team members should study all of these pages along with following all links at RGHF Story  to become familiar with all of our work and those who serve.



RGHF Story (An excellent place to start your orientation. Everything is on this page)

Scope of RGHF:

Coordinators and webmasters:

Introduction to Rotary's Global History:

Assistance in using the website:

Study guide to the Global History of Rotary:

The tools of the website:

RGHF background:

RGHF Activities: