Locations of Rotary Headquarters


The first secretary of Rotary, then known as the National Association of Rotary Clubs, was Chesley Perry and in 1910, he used his own office at 189 La Salle for Rotary as well.  Over the following years, Rotary leased offices in various parts of Chicago,   Because of changes in street names and numbers, not all of these can be identified today.  Furthermore, some buildings have been demolished or modified in the past hundred or so years.


As the work of the secretary increased, the office was moved in 1911 to the First National Bank building at 38 North Dearborn where it was shared with the Rotary Club of Chicago.  A year or so later, it moved again to the  Fort Dearborn building at 125 West Monroe.  Chesley Perry was still the secretary and indeed, remained so until 1942.


In the summer of 1914, the office moved again, this time to the Karpen building at 910 South Michigan.  This move lasted until 1923 by which time, Rotary had greatly expanded.  That year, the office and headquarters were in the Atwell building at 221 E Cullerton.  5 years later, a further move was made to the Chicago Evening Post building at 21 W.Wacker DRive, remaining there till 1934, when it moved along Wacker Driveto  to the Jewellers Building at 35 East Wacker.  This was its last downtown location because in August 1954, R.I. moved out to Evanston to the North of the Loop to a brand new building,   Its final move to the present location in Evanston, to 1560 Sherman, was made in 1987.


For the above details, we acknowledge the assistance and help of the History section of R.I.


1934 Rotary Grew and we Moved

Ches Perry Memorabilia

First Office 1950

The Secretariat of Rotary International

A visit to headquarters

Room at RI headquarters